Raf Simons Officially in at Dior

The long-standing rumors have been confirmed. Raf Simons is in at Dior. I have mixed feelings about this appointment but I will reserve judgement until his first haute couture collection is shown in July. Long live Raf Simons. Below passage via the New York Times Dior Selects Raf Simons to Replace John Galliano by Cathy … Read more

Raf Simons Archive Sale

If you are in Antwerp this month between the 18th and 21st there is no excuse for missing the Raf Simons Archive Sale. I can’t wait to see some of the pieces that come out of this ‘exceptional’ sale. If you are attending and would like your photos of the sale published drop me a … Read more

‘It Girl’ No.1 – Alyssa ‘Brooklyn Spring’

The concept behind ‘It Girls’ has been in my head for some time. ‘It Girls’ are free-thinking, charismatic and stylish girls who unabashedly live life. Third Looks aims to  bring these dynamic individuals to the forefront and document a point in their lives. It Girls’ will be a regular feature on Third Looks profiling  girls … Read more

Jun Takahashi Explains his Collaboration with Uniqlo

Previously Jun Takahashi had famously stated that he would never collaborate with a fast fashion retailer which pushed a system that he fundamentally disagreed with. Since then he has had a public change of heart when he agreed to create clothes for Japanese fast fashion giant UNIQLO. The UU collection has divided fans of Undercover. … Read more

Brand New Ape

I haven’t been on it in forever but BAPE has a brand new website. Seems like the brand has been through a thorough brand revamp since being purchased by china based I.T. Well worth checking out to stay updated on BAPE news and new collections. Visit them online at http://www.bape.com.

New Generation Tokyo Feature Part One: 90’s Tokyo

I have begun to explore further into the world of Japanese menswear and the history of it’s development. While browsing LN-CC I came accross this feature in which LN-CC speaks with Hiromichi Ochiai of Facetasm and the design team behind SASQUATCHfabrix The Wonder Workers Guerilla band. An excerpt from the terrific feature below. ‘It was … Read more

Gyakusou FW2011 Collection

Following up on my prior Gyakusou post, Nike Running paths (www.nikerunningpaths.com) has been updated with more images and video of the collection. There is a behind the scenes of the filming of the ‘Running Monks’ Video where Jun goes into some detail about the inspirations behind this collection; the mixture of technical advances and elements … Read more

Rick Owens – Abu Dhabi 2011

I was browsing the owenscorp website when I came across these inspiring shots of Rick’s wife and muse Michelle Lamy in Abu Dhabi. The contrast of Rick’s pieces contrasted against the local architecture is striking to say the least. Look for some more visuals and writeups on Rick Owens in the coming days here at … Read more