Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Uniqlo U marks its tenth birthday with a new 2021 capsule collection filled with excellent well made basics. The line has always represented the balance between stylistic flare and wearability and it’s been well shepherded by creative director Cristophe Lemaire. Especially appealing this season are the trousers and light spring knits that really offer up versatile style options as the days start to warm up. Check out the entire collection over on the Uniqlo site.

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Shonen Jump Graphic Tees x Uniqlo UT

Uniqlo knows you like manga and in the spirit of that fandom is releasing a collaborative set in tandem with Weekly ShŇćnen Jump. The publisher is licensing artwork from some of their most popular novels including iconic characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, Death Note. Click through to see everything from the collection which is releasing April 16.

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Uniqlo x JW Anderson Collaboration

Japanese fast fashion leaders Uniqlo team up with one of the most prominent British designers at the moment; JW Anderson. The two have created an entire collection for both men and women. The full range includes outerwear (trenches and down jackets), shirting, knits and even accessories. Anderson described the collaboration as¬†‚ÄúIt‚Äôs been probably the most … Read more

Futura x Uniqlo UT Collection

Following up last summer’s ultra popular Kaws UT capsule collection, Uniqlo has hit up Futura for a series of collaborative graphic tees. ¬†Fans of the street artist will recognize familiar prints including the point man, atoms and his signature hand-style on the tees. The release is set for March and should retail around the $15 mark if past UT collabs have been any indication. My personal favorite is the paint drip tees with his familiar script on the back.

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Uniqlo x KAWS UT Collection

As part of Uniqlo’s summer 2016 UT (Unique T-shirt) collection, the Japanese fast fashion retailer has teamed up with street artist KAWS on a series of tees printed with iconic graphics by the artist. The graphics include illustrations of the¬†Companion character which serve as the centerpiece of the capsule. Also present are his signature heart and cloud motifs and his xx branding. Mostly a collection of t-shirts, there are also a few tote bags in the mix.

To commemorate the occasion Uniqlo’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in New York City will debut the line, with a special presentation of KAWS artwork over the years. Prices for the items range from $14.90 USD to $19.90 USD. The capsule will launch online in the US on April 22.

Click through to see all the designs

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Uniqlo and Lemaire Cotton Parka

The second season of the collaboration between Christophe Lemaire and Uniqlo was released with a little less fanfare than the original collection. Now that it’s been out for a little while, there’s still some products from the initial drop left. One simple outerwear piece worth looking into is this cotton parka with button closure and … Read more

Uniqlo x Lemaire

The Uniqlo collaboration with French designer Christopher Lemaire dropped on Friday. The minimally designed collection runs the gamut of outerwear through to cotton basics and there’s definitely some well-priced pieces that are worth scooping. Some of the key picks include the below. It seems like stock online is moving fast so hit the Uniqlo webstore … Read more

Uniqlo x Jean-Michel Basquiat

Japanese fast fashion retailer Uniqlo has put out a series of UT graphic t-shirts in collaboration with the Estate Jean-Michel Basquiat foundation. The designs pull images from the influential artist’s paintings. My personal favorite is the all-over print design, be sure to check out some of the detailing on these shirts, particularly the screen printing on the insider collar which is a nice touch. All shirts are $19.99 and can be purchased on the Uniqlo site HERE.

If you are a fan of Basquiats art, the retrospective at the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea is still ongoing. See our post on it HERE.

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Style Profile: Kyle

With each person I style profile for Third Looks I feel as though I get to know them better just through exploring what their wardrobe and personal style is like. While fashion is given a bad rap in terms of being materialistic and shallow, I think style is a really good indicator of someone’s creativity, character and influences.
When I first met Kyle I thought he dressed pretty low key but as I got to know him I realized his wardrobe had tons of depth and he always wore his pieces in creative ways. More so I feel that his sartorial choies are aligned with his personality and lifestyle and he makes it work for him. It’s easy to just fetishize pieces and grails but I think men would benefit from reflecting on their lifestyles and choosing the clothes that not only look great on the rack, but also fit the way they live.

Look 1
Mercedes-Benz hat
Comme des Garcons SHIRT FW10 vest
Uniqlo down jacket
Uniqlo shirt
V::Room crewneck
3.1 Philip Lim SS10 jeans
White Mountaineering FW10 boots

What sparked your interest in clothes and fashion?
I think I’ve probably always had an interest in clothes and making myself look at least halfway decent, but a lot of it really stems from interests in other things that have a strong focus on personal¬†style.
For me snowboarding was always huge for this, along with¬†different BMX styles of riding. Then came cars and the various scenes around that.¬† I guess I’ve always been drawn to these things that really embrace showing your personality and personal style through such conspicuously physical ways, so clothes are just an extension of that and an easy way to do it while living in New York since I’m not snowboarding, riding, or driving much anymore here.¬†
What thought process do you go through when shopping for new items?
This is a really good question as¬†I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever thought about before.¬†I guess I’m long past the point where I’m filling any (perceived) “holes” in my wardrobe, but I’ve gotta say I really like going out and seeing what’s out there.¬† I have some favorite shops I’ll always check and other ones I’ll just stumble in occasionally, but I think it’s important to get out there and see what’s going on.¬†Part of this is that there is so much good stuff out there to be appreciated that I know I would never bother actually buying or wearing, since it just¬†isn’t “me.”
The other part of this is that I try not to buy too much anymore so I’ll see how it could work in my wardrobe.¬† I’m not interested in buying some out-there piece that I would have to really tone down with other boring clothes –¬†that just ends up looking like you never thought it through and are settling because you wanted to show off that one item so bad.¬† Not a good look in my eyes.¬†And I definitely don’t want something that makes me think “well this would be so much better if I just bought¬†item X or Y¬†too.” ¬†I want to take an out-there piece and integrate it with other stuff I have and just do it up, you know?¬† Make it look like it was always meant to be there. Less but better.

Look 2
Monitaly FW11 leather jacket
Nepenthes shirt
Uniqlo denim shirt
APC jeans
Visvim SS08 FBT

I think a good example of everything I just talked about is that leather Monitaly jacket.¬† I had always liked the ubiquitous Margiela 5-zip that they do every season in a few leathers/colors but it doesn’t work for me and I have no interest in making it do so.¬† There’s no denying it’s an iconic piece and a brilliant design though,¬†so when I came across this Monitaly jacket it was like something clicked, and they got me.¬† It’s just this complete¬†bastardization of the 5-zip,¬†totally making fun of it¬†with some overly Americana vibes¬†in brown calf leather, with some big leather tassles on the zips, and wool knit cuffs.¬† That’s what I’m all about, just¬†having fun with my style.¬† I had never bothered to buy a¬†leather jacket before because I had never found The One, but this was it. It was perfect.¬† And I’m thinking to myself “Ok, wear this with some FBT’s and I’ll have tassles all over the place, cause why not, right?”
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