Weaving Shibusa Denim Documentary

When it comes to authentic reproductions of denim, no country does it better than Japan. Artisans there have sourced many of the original shuttle looms that made crafting denim the traditional way possible. Weaving Shibusa is a documentary that delves into the revival of denim in Japan. The film gives unprecedented access to the storied … Read more

Gucci Mane – Living Legend Mix

Gucci Mane’s release from prison was widely celebrated by rap fans the world over. The news of his release spread quick and true to form Gucci already released a new track ‘First Day Out the Feds’. His career has not been without it’s share of controversy¬†but through it all he’s been one of the most … Read more

DWMS 8 – Dark0, Lotic , Bryell the Great, Copout

The last few¬†DWMS events¬†¬†have cemented the series’ place in New York underground nightlife. ¬†The eighth¬†iteration returns to Palisades in Brooklyn featuring a formidable new lineup. Hailing from North West London Dark0¬†has a strong series of releases under his belt¬†including the 2014’s¬†Fate EP and the new Solice¬†EP on Rinse.¬†Lotic¬†(Tri Angle Records) was a force of nature … Read more


If you are in New York and interested at all in underground club music you might be familiar with the series of parties under the DWMS moniker. The good squad at Purple Tape Pedigree (PTP) has been once again assembled an A team of selectors with a heavy emphasis on UK flavor this time around. … Read more

Undercover TGRAPHICS Exhibition – Hong Kong

Undercover has relied on graphics as the focal point for many of the label’s designs over the past 25 years. Some of this artwork has been compiled and brought to a hong kong for an exhibition entitle TGRAPHICS. The exhibition features a mix of archival and rare graphics that span the brand’s history. The range of graphics is certainly impressive¬†and includes collaborative art from the likes of Kaws.

If you’re in Hong Kong you still have a chance to see it in person until April 30th

Anita Chan Lai-Ling Gallery
2 Lower Alberta Road, Central
Hong Kong

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The Dystopian Dioramas by Lori Nix

With the constant flood of negative news in recent weeks, it’s not difficult to imagine a dystopian chaotic near future. Brooklyn artist Lori Nix has been capturing miniature destruction through her dioramas which she photographs and exhibits around the world. These scenes of destruction include locales as mundane as the local chinese takeout spot to grand theaters and casino gambling floors. Lori cites 70’s films and natural disasters she experienced as a child as inspirations for her body of work.

See more of her work after the jump and you can read an interview with Lori over at Dazed.

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