Gucci Mane – Living Legend Mix

Gucci Mane’s release from prison was widely celebrated by rap fans the world over. The news of his release spread quick and true to form Gucci already released a new track ‘First Day Out the Feds’. His career has not been without it’s share of controversy¬†but through it all he’s been one of the most … Read more

Video Interview with Cities Aviv

Video shot and edited by Goodwin Cities Aviv (Gavin Mays) is a musician who defies easy categorization. His lyrical content fluctuates between braggadocios and contemplative; his voice set to raw. spacy production that sits miles apart from most contemporary rap . Meeting him it’s clear that Cities is at once a product of his environment and also someone who defies it. I met Gavin around the time of his Black Pleasure mixtape releases on the PTP radio show Fresh out the Box. I remember hearing his tracks and interview and appreciating his left field approach to music making. Nearly a year later I had the chance to interview Cities. I spoke to him about his Memphis roots, his personal style and his continued desire to be different from everyone else. The interview is spliced with visuals from an afternoon aimlessly roaming Chinatown. Special thanks to Goodwin for killing it on editing and shooting the video. Be sure to check out Cities’ new release¬†URL IRL off his forthcoming album¬†Come To Life. You can¬†Cities Aviv on twitter for more updates. See accompanying photos of Cities after the jump

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Cam’ron – Get ‘Em Girls (MONEYDVNCE Remix)

Seems like Killa Cam is poppin up everywhere in New York today. From the¬†ALIFE posters pasted all over the city to countless apartments blasting the just released (and better than expected) Ghetto Heaven Vol.1 mixtape. Mysterious producer¬†MONEYDVNCE took this moment to drop a timely PTP-exclusive remix of the classic Get ‘Em Girls. Not much is … Read more

Previously Unreleased Kanye West Photos by Jonathan Mannion

Ten years before Yeezus, the self-appointed Louis Vuitton Don was photographed for the cover of The Fader’s Inaugural ‘Now’ issue. These previously unreleased photos are outtakes from that shoot with Hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion (who famously photographed Jay-Z’s cover for Reasonable Doubt). Jonathan reflects on the experience of meeting and photographing Yeezy that day: “At … Read more

Interview with Rome Fortune

2013 has been a big year for Rome Fortune. Coming out the Atlanta scene he’s built up significant buzz with his ‘Beautiful Pimp’ mixtape. Frequent collaborators C4 and Childish Major have been lacing him with experimental instrumentals that compliment his effortless laid-back delivery. He was a feature on the recent Gucci Mane joint ‘Stripes’ and just ripped a set alongside PTP family Gila Monster at 285 Kent in Brooklyn.

Outside of his music prowess, Rome is someone you’ll always see expressing his personal style through his clothing choices. When we first met, he told me that he had been a fan of Third Looks for some time, so it’s nice to bring things full circle with this feature. Rome and I had a conversation that touches on hip-hop style, girls and world rap domination.

Be sure to check the brand video for his single ‘Get the Guap”¬†HERE¬†and click through to read the interview.

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Video: Awkwafina “NYC Bitche$

I read the clickbait-y ‘Can an Asian Woman Be Taken Seriously in Rap?‘ article on The Cut introducing Awkafina. Government name Nora Lum, she is a New York based rapper/producer who I was going to write off due to the comparison to Childish Gambino (Who I can’t cosign under any circumstances). After giving a few … Read more

Hefna Gwap: The Bay to NY

Hefna Gwap is a rapper from East Palo Alto california. Founder of the Elegant Caviar Group and a Smokers Club member, he made the move from the Bay to New York last year to push his music to the next level. I caught up with Hef at a recording session late last week at Premier Studios.

How was the whole process of moving to New York? What brings you here?

First off, I have two daughters. Everything I rap about I was doing it. I was selling dope and running in houses and robbing and shit. I had my first daughter (she’s two now). When I had my second daughter, it was a wake-up call. Alot of my close friends started getting killed or going to jail. Alot of people I shot videos for, alot of the people I was editing videos for got killed. Some of the people’s videos I was editing , they got killed right after I moved to New York in October. I was happy to leave, I did alot and I didn’t want to do that type of shit any more.

See the rest of the feature after the jump

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Project Pat in New York

I took these snaps of the legend Project Pat at the Snack Dragon in Williamsburg hours before he performed at a packed Santo’s Party House Tuesday. It was an honor to hear some of Pat’s stories from his career. I’m happy to report that he’s definitely a rap OG who is approachable, humble and genuine.

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