Video: Awkwafina “NYC Bitche$

I read the clickbait-y ‘Can an Asian Woman Be Taken Seriously in Rap?‘ article on The Cut introducing Awkafina. Government name Nora Lum, she is a New York based rapper/producer who I was going to write off due to the comparison to Childish Gambino (Who I can’t cosign under any circumstances).

After giving a few of her songs a listen , particularly the infectious NYC Bitche$, I was impressed by her ability to nail life in New York in 2013. It’s this type of witty cultural commentary that sets her apart from what other MCs are doing.

“Bitches be in Bushwick, they all live in Bushwick, they all love Bushwick, but I say fuck that shit”

“Pull over by the “burg, hipster pussy market. Feeding on the vegans despite the smell of armpits, the skinny ones an artist , it’s obvious they starving, your shit art don’t pay bills , it eats ramen”

Awkwafina is one to watch right now but it’ll be interesting to see how her sound develops in the coming months.