Style Inspiration – Summer 2014


The stifling humidity and faint stench of garbage signal the arrival¬†of summer in New York. While it may difficult to find¬†inspiration¬†for dressing in this¬†weather, I’ve collected¬†a series of images that can set the mood for how you can stay cool and comfortable through the season.

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Style Inspiration: Neighborhood Editorials

Most of the time I much prefer looking at clothing through editorials rather than lookbooks.¬†Over the years I’ve saved quite a few images from various sources that feature pieces by¬†NEIGHBORHOOD.¬† The brand has such a strong point of view and I appreciated the way stylists and photographers were able to flip it’s brand image any manner of ways. To find inspiration for my personal style I like to look back at both old editorials of brands I like just to see the evolution of the brand. The range of editorials after the jump range from moody and militaristic to more casual everyday style.¬†

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Style Inspiration – Sk8thing

Sk8thing may not be a household name in most places on Earth but he is a fundamental player in the evolution of modern streetwear. Sk8thing has played a founding role BAPE¬ģ, Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, WTAPS and most recently C.E. His graphic designs have graced countless T-shirts and collaborative pieces and he has worked with industry heavyweights like Pharrell and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The ever elusive Sk8thing is rarely seen in public without his face obscured by masks , bandanas or scarves. His style captured in these photographs shows his personal style is as dynamic as his designs.

Essential Sk8thing Reading

Interview Magazine

iD Online

Sk8thing Unofficial Tumblr

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Style Inspiration: Summertime


New York is stuck in the middle of a major heatwave right now and I’m sure many other locales worldwide are feeling it as well. When the heat is sweltering it’s pretty hard to get inspired to throw on a dope fit. I’ve put together some visual inspirations to me that express summertime, I hope they inspire you to try something new this season. With summertime dressing, less is more, and it’s about maintaining comfort without sacrificing self-expression in your outfits.

Many more images after the jump

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Style Inspiration: Quentin Tarantino Films

Whenever I watch a film one of the things I take careful note of is the styling of the characters. Quentin Tarantino is one of the few modern day auteurs working and while his films may not be thought of as particuarly ‘fashionable’, I believe that his filmography is a case study in incredible styling work. The role of costume design in film is to suspend disbelief and to allow the viewer to focus on the story. In this way the characters in Tarantino’s films look so natural in their surroundings; and the clothes help convey their individual backstories without explicit exposition.

Unlike say Wes Anderson who uses a nostalgic 1970’s color palette and pulls from a consistent aesthetic for all his films, Tarantino draws from unique inspirations for each film. His films have traversed many locales and time periods but there a real consistency in the styling approach in each. The clothes worn by key characters are rarely over the top; instead they reflect a gritty sense of realism. There is a sense of the everyday in the outfits of those on-screen. The clothes are worn with authority and authenticity and through that process the clothes themselves can almost seem like an afterthought and not the result of careful curation.

Below I’ve selected visuals from Quentin Tarantino’s filmography that display his prowess as a style influencer. It’ll be interesting to see what Django Unchained looks like when it hits theaters Christmas Day.

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Style Inspiration : 1990s Hip-Hop

Mobb Deep the Infamous Paid in Full (Film) Wu-Tang in 1994 1990’s Magazine Editorial via Stephen Mann¬† Hip-Hop has been a big influence on my life not just musically but stylistically. I have always loved style that comes from subcultural roots as it is a reflection of identity and authenticity. The 1990’s were my favorite … Read more

Style Inspiration: Color Theory No.1 РHermès RTW SS13

In the past two years I have transitioned from only buying mostly neutrals to wearing many more colors on a daily basis. Color and textures are such essential aspects of dressing and I’ve come to appreciate well-paired colors in day to day life. Taking a color theory class in my studies really helped me improve … Read more

Style Inspiration – TK of Silly Thing

TK featured in J.Crew’s “Hello World” campaign TK may not be a household name in America but he has silently created an empire in Hong Kong. Founder of the influential Milk magazine , TK has been a key style influencer in the Hong Kong scene and beyond. He is best known for his work with … Read more