Style Inspiration : 1990s Hip-Hop

Mobb Deep the Infamous

Paid in Full (Film)

Wu-Tang in 1994

1990’s Magazine Editorial via Stephen Mann 

Hip-Hop has been a big influence on my life not just musically but stylistically. I have always loved style that comes from subcultural roots as it is a reflection of identity and authenticity. The 1990’s were my favorite period in rap. It was a time when rap music was bubbling to the mainstream but still was so heavy coded in appearance, sound and slang. There was a grit reflected through the music and clothing that is relevant to this day. A feeling of the underground and the streets was literally worn on the sleeves of those living in the culture.

With this style inspiration I am reinforcing the idea that is more important ‘how it’s worn’ than what is worn. The ability of the the wearer to re-appropriate looks and impose their own personality and story overtop the items is what true style is all about. Hip-Hop made a point of subverting and re-appropriating brand names, luxury items and jewelry to tell it’s story. The fashion industry has made a fortune using hip-hop and other musical movements as a basis for it’s products and collections. That being said there is nothing better than the original version to inspire your style.

Words by Rocky Li