Style Inspiration: Color Theory No.1 – Hermès RTW SS13

In the past two years I have transitioned from only buying mostly neutrals to wearing many more colors on a daily basis. Color and textures are such essential aspects of dressing and I’ve come to appreciate well-paired colors in day to day life. Taking a color theory class in my studies really helped me improve my understanding of color and the relationships between different color groups. I highly recommend you take a color theory class if you get the chance as it has many unforeseen applications past just painting or art.

This is the first in a series Color Theory that is based around the study of color in clothing and beyond. I’ll be sharing imagery and color palettes I find visually inspiring. I usually don’t find Hermès ready-to-wear collections particularly exciting but these backstage photos by Schohaja really stood out to me. The color palette is simultaneously nostalgic and modern, and the film grain compliments the purples, mustards, and burnt oranges here.

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Via T Magazine