Cam’ron – Get ‘Em Girls (MONEYDVNCE Remix)

Seems like Killa Cam is poppin up everywhere in New York today. From the┬áALIFE posters pasted all over the city to countless apartments blasting the just released (and better than expected) Ghetto Heaven Vol.1 mixtape. Mysterious producer┬áMONEYDVNCE took this moment to drop a timely PTP-exclusive remix of the classic Get ‘Em Girls. Not much is known about the guy except rumors that he has been become increasingly reclusive. The last I hear he was hiding out in a bando in Bolivia.

Being one of the hardest songs Cam has put out in his lengthy rap career, I had no idea how this was going to be sonically flipped. What I heard was a complete re-work of the beat that will keep your computer ‘putin. ┬áCinematic drums are laid over a heavy methodical bass line. This sounds like a Mortal Kombat stage in the projects. This sounds like Predator’s spaceship landing in Shaolin. Go learn yourself a town and use this as your soundtrack.