Acronym J1A-S Jacket

By now you should know that Acronym isn’t coming with any weak shit. This is not the type of jacket you buy to get compliments from girls from. This is the type of jacket you buy and you live in season after season. The full model name is the STOTZ® ETAPROOF™ INTEROPS JACKET but what that really means is that this will keep you warm, dry and possibly broke for a long time. The product description from Haven describes it best “This is not a jacket, the J1A-S is a technologietraeger; the very idea of ACRONYM rendered in physical, wearable form.”

I didn’t even know technologietraeger was a word but it doesn’t matter. This is basically like what a North Face Steep Tech jacket would’ve evolved to if it was left in the wild for about 50 years. Just promise me you won’t by this if you’re the type of person who never leaves their house. Available at Haven for $1,485.