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Gucci Mane’s release from prison was widely celebrated by rap fans the world over. The news of his release spread quick and true to form Gucci already released a new track ‘First Day Out the Feds’. His career has not been without it’s share of controversy but through it all he’s been one of the most prolific and influential rap artists of our time. You’d be hard pressed to name a producer or artist he hasn’t worked with at this point. A great primer on his life story is this FADER piece that was released last year.

As a fan of his music I am glad to see that he’s getting so much love. This mix is a tribute to Guwop and features many of my favorite Guwop tracks to date. Listen to it on Soundcloud below or click through directly to it.

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Future in Saint Laurent, Gucci Mane in Thom Browne

A$AP Rocky in C.E , Drake in Rick Owens

Kanye West in Damir Doma, Lil’B in Undercover & Dirty ass vans

Rap and fashion are increasingly interlinked to the point where it seems every other rap verse namedrops at least 2 designer names. I collaborated with English illustrator Rebel Youth on these sketches of various rappers in various gear from current SS14 and FW14 collections. Time will tell if any of these outfits will come to fruition in the real life but hope you find the idea of Guwop in TB or Lil’B wearing Undercover as amusing as we did.

You can check more of Rebel Yuth’s work on instagram, tumblr or twitter.

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2013 has been a big year for Rome Fortune. Coming out the Atlanta scene he’s built up significant buzz with his ‘Beautiful Pimp’ mixtape. Frequent collaborators C4 and Childish Major have been lacing him with experimental instrumentals that compliment his effortless laid-back delivery. He was a feature on the recent Gucci Mane joint ‘Stripes’ and just ripped a set alongside PTP family Gila Monster at 285 Kent in Brooklyn.

Outside of his music prowess, Rome is someone you’ll always see expressing his personal style through his clothing choices. When we first met, he told me that he had been a fan of Third Looks for some time, so it’s nice to bring things full circle with this feature. Rome and I had a conversation that touches on hip-hop style, girls and world rap domination.

Be sure to check the brand video for his single ‘Get the Guap” HERE and click through to read the interview.

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VICE reporter and photographer  Annabel Mehran snapped these behind the scenes photos during the making of Spring Breakers. I saw the Harmony Korine directed film on Friday night and I have to say it’s definitely worth the price of admission. The movie really captures the outlook of a younger internet generation while using glossy neon visuals to draw you into the surreal world of Spring Breaks gone wild. I think so many teen films either try to be too fantastical or too ‘realistic’ in their portrayal of adolescence but Spring Breakers walks that tight-rope perfectly.

See more of the VICE photos HERE (including some NWS ones)

Also amusing online are the brief interviews Rembert Browne did with the cast of Spring Breakers on the red carpet about what it was like working with Gucci Mane. You can read that feature HERE

Harmony Korine:

“Gucci’s awesome. Gucci’s like — I guess kind of like exactly what you’d expect. I think he’s one of the greatest Americans. He really is. He really, like, is the real deal. He’s an amazing dude. A real artist.”

Ashley Benson:

“Gucci. Is. Awesome. He’s my teddy bear. I love him. He’s awesome. He would do concerts in the middle of filming, he’d be like ‘Yo, I gotta bounce to my concert,’ and I’m like, ‘WHAT, we’re, like, filming a scene right now,’ and he would leave until, like, three in the morning and then come back and then continue his scene. It was crazy. But he’s such a sweetheart.”




“Gucci was great. I think this is really the first time he’s acted. He said he’d acted in a little movie in Atlanta that he was making, but this was the first time he’d acted with a director of Harmony’s caliber. And I found that I really enjoyed doing the scene with him, because it was like — it seemed like he almost learned them like music. Like, the more we did them, he kind of got into a rhythm or something. You could see his confidence rising every take we did. And it was great.”