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Ten years before Yeezus, the self-appointed Louis Vuitton Don was photographed for the cover of The Fader’s Inaugural ‘Now’ issue. These previously unreleased photos are outtakes from that shoot with Hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion (who famously photographed Jay-Z’s cover for Reasonable Doubt). Jonathan reflects on the experience of meeting and photographing Yeezy that day:

“At that point Kanye was already building his legacy. Already at that point all eyes were on him. Cause even before dropping that first album, he’d claimed it, he wasn’t accepting no for an answer. I think The FADER showed a lot of foresight by saying, Okay, you’re our guy, you’re on the cover, let’s go.

Kanye styled himself that day, there wasn’t a stylist. I remember he wanted props, things that represented his style. A Louis Vuitton bag showed up and he told a story, “I tried to get a bunch of Louis stuff and they wouldn’t send it to me, so I just bought it.” Whether it was that bag he bought or a big clump of Louis Vuitton luggage he wanted to stand on, he wanted it to be LV to show what he appreciated. I remember his “If I want it, I’m just gonna get it” attitude. The brick phone he’s holding in some of these dates the photos, but there’s nothing else about these to make them seem like they weren’t taken yesterday. I’m sure that phone, at that time, was the freshest, greatest, nobody had it. It was always about being ahead of the competition. His style then was impeccable and there’s nothing about it that wouldn’t apply today.”

New Yorkers can check out an exhibition of Mannion’s poloroid work entitled ‘Rough around the Edges’ at Milk Studios from Jun 18th to July 7th. The opening reception is tomorrow from 7PM-10PM.

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Danny Brown often gets lumped in with other blogger-dubbed weirdo rappers but exploring his music will make it clear that he’s got his style all his own. Since giving his free 2011 album XXX many solid listens I am convinced that Danny Brown is here to stay. Hip-hop is evolving and artists like Danny are key to ensure that music moves forward and that artists can stray away from the tired conventions that come attached to being a rapper.

These photos above and below excerpt from the Fader’s Feb/Mar 2012 issue portray a snapshot of the Detriot-based raper.

‘Danny Brown smokes back-to-back Newports the moment he steps outside the lobby of New York’s Dream Hotel. He tucks his hair discreetly under a black baseball cap. Lanky with two front teeth missing from a bicycle accident, Brown wears pristine black Jeremy Scott-designed Adidas Originals with two extra tongues and a thousand-dollar black Moncler ski jacket he bought to taunt “baller white motherfuckers” he saw wearing the same coat in the airport. It’s a week before Christmas and the 30-year-old Michigan native, born Daniel Sewell, is in town for a celebratory performance at his label Fool’s Gold’s holiday party.

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