Danny Brown

Danny Brown often gets lumped in with other blogger-dubbed weirdo rappers but exploring his music will make it clear that he’s got his style all his own. Since giving his free 2011 album XXX many solid listens I am convinced that Danny Brown is here to stay. Hip-hop is evolving and artists like Danny are key to ensure that music moves forward and that artists can stray away from the tired conventions that come attached to being a rapper.

These photos above and below excerpt from the Fader’s Feb/Mar 2012 issue portray a snapshot of the Detriot-based raper.

‘Danny Brown smokes back-to-back Newports the moment he steps outside the lobby of New York’s Dream Hotel. He tucks his hair discreetly under a black baseball cap. Lanky with two front teeth missing from a bicycle accident, Brown wears pristine black Jeremy Scott-designed Adidas Originals with two extra tongues and a thousand-dollar black Moncler ski jacket he bought to taunt “baller white motherfuckers” he saw wearing the same coat in the airport. It’s a week before Christmas and the 30-year-old Michigan native, born Daniel Sewell, is in town for a celebratory performance at his label Fool’s Gold’s holiday party.

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