Hefna Gwap: The Bay to NY

Hefna Gwap is a rapper from East Palo Alto california. Founder of the Elegant Caviar Group and a Smokers Club member, he made the move from the Bay to New York last year to push his music to the next level. I caught up with Hef at a recording session late last week at Premier Studios.

How was the whole process of moving to New York? What brings you here?

First off, I have two daughters. Everything I rap about I was doing it. I was selling dope and running in houses and robbing and shit. I had my first daughter (she’s two now). When I had my second daughter, it was a wake-up call. Alot of my close friends started getting killed or going to jail. Alot of people I shot videos for, alot of the people I was editing videos for got killed. Some of the people’s videos I was editing , they got killed right after I moved to New York in October. I was happy to leave, I did alot and I didn’t want to do that type of shit any more.

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