Weaving Shibusa Denim Documentary

When it comes to authentic reproductions of denim, no country does it better than Japan. Artisans there have sourced many of the original shuttle looms that made crafting denim the traditional way possible.

Weaving Shibusa is a documentary that delves into the revival of denim in Japan. The film gives unprecedented access to the storied industry of Japanese denim, told by the vintage denim experts thesmselves, the highly regarded “Osaka 5”.

What makes Japanese denim special is not only the materials, machinery, and techniques, but also the people and ideas behind the process. This film reveals the intense passion and insight behind Japanese denim, but also poses the question; what is the future of these garments that are so deeply rooted in the past?

The trailer gives a quick glimpse into what viewers can expect from the film which releases in August. There will be a premiere at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre on August 6.