Photos of ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’ at the Gagosian Gallery

The prestigious Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea is exhibiting “Jean-Michel Basquiat”, a collection of 59 works by the iconic artist. If you are at all interested in Basquiat’s work, I highly recommend you go see this show for yourself. On hand are a comphrensive collection of Basquiat’s paintings that range from his early works (including one that was painted on a fence) to his late life. I read a review of the show on New York Times and I thought art critic Ken Johnson nicely articulated the lasting appeal of Basquiat’s work.

“For all its bristling fury Basquiat’s art remains engaging and likable. It is not overbearing, withholding or offensive but visually generous, materially sumptuous and entertaining. There is an eager-to-please vulnerability that gives it a bittersweet emotional complexity.”

Whether or not you are able to go to the gallery, I would cite the 2011 film documentary “The Radiant Child” as required viewing for anyone with an interest in Jean-Michel’s life and art.

The show continues through April 6 at the Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street, Chelsea.