‘I See You’ Eri Wakiyama Exhibition

This past Thursday marked the opening of the ‘I See You’ an inaugural art exhibit by my friend Eri Wakiyama. The opening night was a blast and it was great to see so many people come out in support of her art work. When I first met Eri I had no idea she drew but when I found her tumblr Mermaid Hair I quickly became a fan of her work. If you like the images here definitely check her stuff out on there as she regular posts similarly-styled illustrations and paintings.

The exhibition on Kenmare closed Sunday but I managed to get some snaps of the work while it was still hanging. Some of the pieces have already sold but if you are interested in getting in touch with Eri regarding her artwork the best way to reach her is through e-mail or on twitter. The color palettes and whimsical, quirky mood of her work is best seen in person and I already can’t wait until her next showing.

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The Black Soft Artwork at Religion UK NY Pop-up

The Black Soft is best known for being a band, but the members Chase and Joey are involved in a variety of projects across disciplines. They worked with Nicola Formichetti  on a MAC Cosmetics commercial last year. Recently they provided the artwork for the Religion UK pop-up on Broome St (which closed earlier this month). The black and white paintings caught my attention.

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Photos of ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’ at the Gagosian Gallery

The prestigious Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea is exhibiting “Jean-Michel Basquiat”, a collection of 59 works by the iconic artist. If you are at all interested in Basquiat’s work, I highly recommend you go see this show for yourself. On hand are a comphrensive collection of Basquiat’s paintings that range from his early works (including one that was painted on a fence) to his late life. I read a review of the show on New York Times and I thought art critic Ken Johnson nicely articulated the lasting appeal of Basquiat’s work.

“For all its bristling fury Basquiat’s art remains engaging and likable. It is not overbearing, withholding or offensive but visually generous, materially sumptuous and entertaining. There is an eager-to-please vulnerability that gives it a bittersweet emotional complexity.”

Whether or not you are able to go to the gallery, I would cite the 2011 film documentary “The Radiant Child” as required viewing for anyone with an interest in Jean-Michel’s life and art.

The show continues through April 6 at the Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street, Chelsea.

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Photos : Do Your Thing Opening at White Columns (Curated by Rub n Tug)

Some snaps from the opening reception of ‘Do your thing’ at White Columns curated by Rub n Tug (Thomas Bullock and Eric Duncan) this past Saturday. The exhibition runs until July 14 and features work from the artists including Ryan McGinley , Gavin Brown, Aaron Bondaroff , Leo Fitzpatrick, Dash Snow , SK8THING and more.