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Tim Coppens is one of the most exciting menswear designers to emerge out of New York in the past several years and his recent Fall/Winter 2014 showing may have been his strongest yet. His experience as a sportswear designer for RLX has helped him carve out a unique aesthetic with his namesake brand, one that melds technical functionality with polished luxurious textiles.

I liked this sweater when it was featured in his Spring/Summer runway show and its  even more impressive now that I get a chance to see the details up-close. The perforated holes in the leather and athletic style cuffs (and the fact that it’s made in the USA) set this apart from most of the sweatshirts out there. I love crewnecks both in the spring and in colder weather as they’re so easy to thrown on and take care of.  Definetly recommend this piece and I’d suggest wearing this over jeans/sweatpants or classed up with slim-cut trousers.

Available at Mr.Porter, $695

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The dust has settled, countless looks have been marched down runways and thousands of streetstyle photos have been snapped. Here’s my selections for the best Spring/Summer 2014 looks this NYFW.

Siki Im 

Siki Im had a strong collection this spring/summer showing. The proportions are nicely balanced here and the inclusion of the grey steers this away from being the usual all-white summer fit. The slightly dropped cut of the pants and looseness of the t-shirt are a nice compliment to the white leather as well.

Tim Coppens

Tim Coppens has shown a ton of promise since his debut 2 seasons ago. Coming from his background designing at RLX it’s no surprise there’s a strong sportswear thread in this collection. I love crewnecks and this one looks excellent on the runway. Raglan sleeves and leather inserts on the forearms are paired with a pair of well cut shorts. This is a strong look for New York spring nights.

Patrik Ervell

Ervell drew color and design inspiration from nautical themes for his latest collection. This jacket gives me a feeling of 90’s Nautica but just done way better. Paired with what look like sweatpants, this definitely checks both the cozy boyz box for spring 2014.


N.Hoolywood had a strong western theme this season. In a way it reminded me of the “My Own Private Portland” collection from Number (N)ine. The collection had some really strong pieces that appear to fit great. This is the only blacked-out look and it’s my favorite. Mainly because of the zippered print jacket which seems based on a Levi’s denim jacket pattern. I’d happily take a pair of those dress trousers too.


Yohji Yamamoto teamed up with graphic artist Peter Saville on this one. As a huge fan of Saville and the past clothing collaborations he’s done, I’m not surprised that I love the shirt. The gradient print combined with the contrast sleeves and Y-3 branding just looks great. The hat and the sneakers in the look I also like. While Y-3 is mainly known for its stark black/white look, the color pieces are some of the best ones. Their sneaker design also seems to improved from past seasons when Y-3 sneakers were very hit or miss.

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Models: Cameron Handley at Re:quest, Shane Gambill at Adam, McLain Driver at New York Models and Thijs Meulenbelt atFusion.

Photography by Saty + Pratha

Styling Ian Bradley

This editorial from the ‘1997’ issue of Fucking Young is inspired by rave and electronic music culture in the mid to late 90s. There are some great pieces featured with everything from Raf Simons , Highland, Adidas and Siki Im being used to paint a drug-induced portrait. Ian Bradley definetly killed it with the styling on this one, check out his Style Profile if you haven’t already.

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With each person I style profile for Third Looks I feel as though I get to know them better just through exploring what their wardrobe and personal style is like. While fashion is given a bad rap in terms of being materialistic and shallow, I think style is a really good indicator of someone’s creativity, character and influences.
When I first met Kyle I thought he dressed pretty low key but as I got to know him I realized his wardrobe had tons of depth and he always wore his pieces in creative ways. More so I feel that his sartorial choies are aligned with his personality and lifestyle and he makes it work for him. It’s easy to just fetishize pieces and grails but I think men would benefit from reflecting on their lifestyles and choosing the clothes that not only look great on the rack, but also fit the way they live.

Look 1
Mercedes-Benz hat
Comme des Garcons SHIRT FW10 vest
Uniqlo down jacket
Uniqlo shirt
V::Room crewneck
3.1 Philip Lim SS10 jeans
White Mountaineering FW10 boots

What sparked your interest in clothes and fashion?
I think I’ve probably always had an interest in clothes and making myself look at least halfway decent, but a lot of it really stems from interests in other things that have a strong focus on personal style.
For me snowboarding was always huge for this, along with different BMX styles of riding. Then came cars and the various scenes around that.  I guess I’ve always been drawn to these things that really embrace showing your personality and personal style through such conspicuously physical ways, so clothes are just an extension of that and an easy way to do it while living in New York since I’m not snowboarding, riding, or driving much anymore here. 
What thought process do you go through when shopping for new items?
This is a really good question as I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever thought about before. I guess I’m long past the point where I’m filling any (perceived) “holes” in my wardrobe, but I’ve gotta say I really like going out and seeing what’s out there.  I have some favorite shops I’ll always check and other ones I’ll just stumble in occasionally, but I think it’s important to get out there and see what’s going on. Part of this is that there is so much good stuff out there to be appreciated that I know I would never bother actually buying or wearing, since it just isn’t “me.”
The other part of this is that I try not to buy too much anymore so I’ll see how it could work in my wardrobe.  I’m not interested in buying some out-there piece that I would have to really tone down with other boring clothes – that just ends up looking like you never thought it through and are settling because you wanted to show off that one item so bad.  Not a good look in my eyes. And I definitely don’t want something that makes me think “well this would be so much better if I just bought item X or Y too.”  I want to take an out-there piece and integrate it with other stuff I have and just do it up, you know?  Make it look like it was always meant to be there. Less but better.

Look 2
Monitaly FW11 leather jacket
Nepenthes shirt
Uniqlo denim shirt
APC jeans
Visvim SS08 FBT

I think a good example of everything I just talked about is that leather Monitaly jacket.  I had always liked the ubiquitous Margiela 5-zip that they do every season in a few leathers/colors but it doesn’t work for me and I have no interest in making it do so.  There’s no denying it’s an iconic piece and a brilliant design though, so when I came across this Monitaly jacket it was like something clicked, and they got me.  It’s just this complete bastardization of the 5-zip, totally making fun of it with some overly Americana vibes in brown calf leather, with some big leather tassles on the zips, and wool knit cuffs.  That’s what I’m all about, just having fun with my style.  I had never bothered to buy a leather jacket before because I had never found The One, but this was it. It was perfect.  And I’m thinking to myself “Ok, wear this with some FBT’s and I’ll have tassles all over the place, cause why not, right?”
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Black WTAPS M-65 Cotton Jacket

Many iterations of M-65s come out each year but this seasons WTAPS version stands above most I’ve seen. The slubby washed cotton texture and modern fit make this a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Robust metal hardware and zippers and the leopard-print lining seal the deal.

$1140 at Tres Bien Shop

Acronym GT-J28 Gore-Tex Pro-Hardshell Interops Jacket 

Stay dry in style with this 3-layer Gore-Tex hardshell. Ultralight construction with nine total pockets for all your daily carry items. Tons of technical details that you’ll be exploring for weeks after you purchase this piece.

950 EUR via Firmament-Berlin 


Junya Watanabe Red Leather Pocket  Jacket

While red jackets may not seem like the most wearable for many guys, this Junya piece makes it easy. Dark brown corduroy spread collar with a button-down closure down the front. Dark brown leather patch pocket at chest. Pair with a pair of trousers, khakis, an oxford or a knit. ‘Nuff said.

$490 via SSENSE

White Mountaineering Twill Corduroy Stadium Blouson

This White Mountaineering piece delivers ample twists on the traditional varsity jacket idea. The body is mostly corduroy and is contrast white horse leather sections and brown trim. If you’re in the market for a varsity this piece may well be worth a look.

$1040 via Haven

Tim Coppens Leather Detail Varsity Jacket in Camel

American designer Tim Coppens has been making waves with his unique brand of modernist design. The cut of this piece is just incredible; slim throughout and slightly cropped at the back. Features all over  lamb leather detailing all over the cotton body. This piece is a perfect example of why Tim Coppens is a designer to watch.

£1359.00 via LN-CC

Undercover Down and Leather Jacket in Black

Down jackets are practical garments but often hit or miss in appearance. The execution on this Undercover jacket is intricate to say the least.  The body is crafted from matte polyester, with a quilted finish, whilst the yoke and sleeves have been made from hardwearing thick leather. The subtle collar is shearling trimmed to keep you warm in any weather. Zips on the sleeves and two inner pockets ensure that you can wear this UC piece the way you want.

£1345 via Oki-Ni