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Not sure what it is about fashion and forests that goes together so well but this Patrik Ervell trailer is yet another example of mans x nature. Through the misty wilderness of the Santa Cruz Redwood Forests a selection of Fall/Winter 2013 looks are revealed. My personal favorite the quilted white sweater makes the cut along with some very decent looking outerwear for the season.

Shot by Luke Gilford with music by How to Dress Well.

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The dust has settled, countless looks have been marched down runways and thousands of streetstyle photos have been snapped. Here’s my selections for the best Spring/Summer 2014 looks this NYFW.

Siki Im 

Siki Im had a strong collection this spring/summer showing. The proportions are nicely balanced here and the inclusion of the grey steers this away from being the usual all-white summer fit. The slightly dropped cut of the pants and looseness of the t-shirt are a nice compliment to the white leather as well.

Tim Coppens

Tim Coppens has shown a ton of promise since his debut 2 seasons ago. Coming from his background designing at RLX it’s no surprise there’s a strong sportswear thread in this collection. I love crewnecks and this one looks excellent on the runway. Raglan sleeves and leather inserts on the forearms are paired with a pair of well cut shorts. This is a strong look for New York spring nights.

Patrik Ervell

Ervell drew color and design inspiration from nautical themes for his latest collection. This jacket gives me a feeling of 90’s Nautica but just done way better. Paired with what look like sweatpants, this definitely checks both the cozy boyz box for spring 2014.


N.Hoolywood had a strong western theme this season. In a way it reminded me of the “My Own Private Portland” collection from Number (N)ine. The collection had some really strong pieces that appear to fit great. This is the only blacked-out look and it’s my favorite. Mainly because of the zippered print jacket which seems based on a Levi’s denim jacket pattern. I’d happily take a pair of those dress trousers too.


Yohji Yamamoto teamed up with graphic artist Peter Saville on this one. As a huge fan of Saville and the past clothing collaborations he’s done, I’m not surprised that I love the shirt. The gradient print combined with the contrast sleeves and Y-3 branding just looks great. The hat and the sneakers in the look I also like. While Y-3 is mainly known for its stark black/white look, the color pieces are some of the best ones. Their sneaker design also seems to improved from past seasons when Y-3 sneakers were very hit or miss.

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Simon wears vintage Valentino and Patrik Ervell

Alyssa wears Undercover

Jimmy wears A Bathing Ape, Supreme and Nike

Jamie wears Whyred , Opening Ceremony, Acne and a Philip Lim handbag

Sofia wears Chloe, Thierry Colson and Anndra Neen for Opening Ceremony

Rhamier wears Raf Simons, Comme des Garcons Homme and Komakino

While many of my friends own designer goods, their everyday lives are far removed from the images of luxury that brands flaunt in magazine advertisements or perfume commercials. I know many who have hustled to own the clothes they love, whether through using friend’s discounts, buying at consignment shops or lining up for sample sales.  This photo series celebrates anyone who’s saved or sacrifice to live everyday in New York a bit more stylishly.

Photos by Rocky Li

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Rhamier wears : Patrik Ervell Hat, Kenzo Tiger sweater, Comme des Garçon Homme Plus coat, Patrik Ervell trousers, Comme des Garçon Doc Marten’s

Rhamier wears: Sibling sweater, Supreme navy MA-1, Burberry Prorsum trousers, neon Nike Air Max sneakers

Jimmy wears: WTAPs Shirt jacket, Vivienne Westwood tank-top, Cloak herringbone jeans, Vans sneakers

Jimmy wears: Junya Watanabe jacket, Supreme Liberty shirt, White Mountaineering trousers, Nike Gyakusou Lunarspider LT 2+ sneakers, South2west8 backpack


Third Looks Editorial: No Guts, No Glory.

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Models : Jimmy Jimeno, Rhamier Auguste
Styling : Rocky Li, Rhamier Auguste
Photography : Rocky Li


The term streetstyle has come to define those who are snapped by photographers outside the fashion weeks of New york,London, Milan and Paris. To me the term is really about how people dress day to day to reflect their personalities, experiences and inspirations. Ackime is one of those rare people who has a style that is pure, as it’s not so much about the items he wears, but how he wears them. The small details from the accessories to how shirts are buttoned elevate an outfit. But even more than that the attitude of the wearer is what really sets one person’s personal style apart from anothers.

Since I’ve known him Ackime has always been had an intuitive sense about what is about to blow in music and popular culture. He is able to assess things and cut right through the bullshit in a way that trend forecasters casters dream of. I shot this style profile in Ackime’s neighborhood of West Harlem and also picked his brain about how his personal style came together.

Look 1
Ebbets Field Flannel Polo Grounds Jacket
Reason Dipset T-shirt
Acne Jeans
Hood by Air Lanyard
Nike Air Huarache Frees

Look 2
J Sabatino Trench
Eddie Bauer Vintage Shirt
Acne Jeans
Nike Air Max 90

Look 3
Barbour Vintage Jacket
Patrik Ervell Button up
Autumn Skateshop T-shirt
APC Petite Standard
Nike Air Max 90
G-Shock Watch
Gerald Tully ring

Look 4

Raf Simons x Fred Perry Knit Polo
Assembly Wax Trench
Acne Jeans
Opening Ceremony x Timberland Boots

How has your style evolved over time?

I guess it was a natural progression. When I used to skate alot I used to wear skate gear and shoes. I’ve been into sneakers and just adding on and refining my wardrobe. I don’t really like to be noticed too much because of my clothes. I like to be low key. I’d describe my style as “casual friday” with a twist. I wear New Balances all the time and be looking like a dad, you feel me?

What are you inspired by?

I guess I’m inspired by normality. I don’t really care about fashion but normal people inspire me. Day to day life and seeing people rocking regular clothes. I’d be inspired by to flip it and do my own thing with it. For example trench coats are being associated with business guys and formal attire but I’m gonna wear it my own way and throw people off. I really like clothes that are athletic inspired because of the sneakers and practicality but really I’m just doing what’s comfortable.

What are your favorite films from a style aspect?

Lots but a couple are Leon the Professional and The Limits of Control.

What kind of clothes do you wish people would make or have trouble finding?

Modernized sportswear without losing the functionality, practicality and comfort of it.

Where do you and how you shop?

Acne, vintage/thrift shops, and online. Opening Ceremony some of the time. I think about the concept I want to go for, say running style, and I find items based around that. I really execute these concepts down to the details, even if it’s a little thing like the right pin. I come up with the concept that I’m really feeling first and then build around that.

You got a good bullshit dectector and you have such consistently solid taste across different things (fashion, music etc)

I trust my interests but I’m also very cyncial and critical person I’m not a hater but I’d say I’m not easily impressed, If I’m excited about something it’s good.

Be sure to check our Tumblr page for more photos and outtakes from this style profile. You can see some of Ackime’s terrific photo work on his website HERE.

Photography by Rocky Li


Patrik Ervell Spring/Summer 2013 Review
By Rocky Li

Patrik Ervell presented his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Milk Studios last week. The New York based, Swedish born designer took ‘A California Mindset’ when it came to designing this collection. Partially informed by mountaineering brands North Face and Teva, Ervell presented his own futurist vision of techwear sending an army of brightly colored models down the runway against a backdrop of a virtual setting sun. While Ervell usually plays it safe in terms of color palette (staying with muted off-whites, beiges and tans), he chose to branch out with vibrant navys, teals, and oranges for this season. Watching the collection unfold, I was at times reminded of the Undercover Spring/Summer 2010 collection ‘Less but better’. The silhouettes and cuts were what were ‘de rigour’ for the Ervell brand. I appreciate the look that has become Ervell’s signature and I welcome his experimentation this collection in extending the look in new directions.

I do have a few criticism of this runway show. One of the most jarring parts was the order of the presentation. There did not seem to be a clear progression from one look to another and even more confusing the designer sprinkled in womenswear looks throughout the show. This has something I’ve been noticing throughout New York fashion week and I can only think of a few instances where it was pulled off perfectly. I definitely saw the tech-wear edge to this show but I did not notice anything particularly innovative in that regard. If there was practicality and functionality in the garments or their fabrics, the presentation should made those product features clear. I don’t trust many fashion brands to create highly functional garments that serve to protect the wearer through the elements and in this light I think Patrik Ervell may have been channeling Prada in a way he didn’t intend.

Ultimately I do think that this Spring/Summer collection is a step in the right direction for Patrik Ervell. He has always shown promise since his entrance into the fashion world and I have an respect and admiration of his design sensibilities. If he continues to grow his brand smartly and works to expand his ‘look’ in unexpected ways, I can see the menswear brand lasting for many many years to come.

Photos by Rocky Li (via VFILES)