Style Profile: Ian Bradley

¬†As a gatekeeper to one of New York’s nightlife staples (Le Bain) Ian has literally seen it all. Given his own sense of style it’s not¬†surprising¬†that Ian has also made a career for himself as a stylist. ¬†He has worked with major brands including Levi’s and Uniqlo but also contributed to countless editorials dressing the likes of Azealia Banks. Most recently he did the styling for DEGEN and ODD’s New York Fashion Week presentations. I linked up with him recently and photographed him in some of his favorite fits while discussing his viewpoints on styling and style.¬†

How did growing up in DC influence your style? How has your style evolved since then?

Growing up in suburbs of DC, I think it’s made my style kinda preppy; but since middle school I’ve always read fashion magazines and had access to the internet which I think influenced my style more than where I grew up.

As of late, I find my style gearing to more simple and classic pieces, less trendy and disposable items.

Look 1
Mala NY Hat
COMMME des GARCONS PLAY Varsity Jacket
Thom Browne Shirt
Paige Jeans
Converse ‘Le Baron’ Chuck Taylor All-Stars

How did you start out as a stylist and what approach do you bring to styling?

I came to the city to study fashion design, but realized it wasn’t exactly what I wanted… After learning all the the potential things a stylist could do, I knew it’s what I wanted to do.

When it comes to styling, I just want to propose great outfits that people can actually wear; give new perspectives on layering, contrasting prints, or mixing brands.

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Look 2
Chinatown Beanie
Levi’s Denim Jacket
Ralph Lauren Sweater
Hanes T-Shirt
Acne Sweats
Happy Feet Socks

How has doing the door at Le Bain affected your perspectives on NewYork style?

I get to see how a lot of trends from the runway get translated to the streets; sometimes good, sometimes bad… often I see what trends are overdone; those are the people I’m usually turning away.

 What items are on your fashion wishlist?

A Raf Simons bomber jacket, Thom Browne suit, and a pair of all black leather Nike Vandals.

Look 3

Timo Weiland Jacket FW13
Deer Dana Shirt
Surface 2 Air Jeans
Alejandro Ingelmo Sneakers

Where do you like to shop?

I’m a big fan of vintage, No Relation and Screaming Mimi’s are my favorites. For newer apparel Opening Ceremony, Uniqlo, and Acne.

Look 4

Supreme Hat
Vintage Bomber Jacket
Raf Simons Cardigan
Calvin Klein T-Shirt
Acne Jeans
Cheap Monday Sneakers

What would be your dream styling gig?

Working for a large global brand like Gap, Levi’s, etc… I’m really into the idea of influencing the way people of all types dress. Democratic fashion.

Look 5
Ralph Lauren Shirt
Veda Vest
Maison Kitsune Khakis

You can view Ian’s styling portfolio on his tumblr¬†and check him on twitter.

Photos by Rocky Li