Port Magazine Conversation with Jun Takahashi on Gyakusou

Photo Adrian Crispin

David Hellqvist of PORT Magazine visited Jun Takahashi at the Gyakusou Showroom in Paris and spoke to him about the evolution of Gyakusou. Jun Takahashi has dedicated to the runners lifestyle and in his person life is taking more time to train and compete in marathons. His preference is to run in cold weather,but Jun says “regardless of the distance it’s always hard to run – it’s such a mental sport as you’re always faced with yourself.”

The below quote by David Hellqvist defines how Gyakusou has re-focused on the function aspect of designing sportswear.

“Three years in, and Takahashi is finding his feet. Gyakusou was pretty spot on from the start, but the last few seasons has seen him scale down the design element, focusing on the task ahead; running. As Takahashi evolves as a runner, so does the collection: “Design-wise, it’s getting simpler. I wanted to focus more on the functions and for the functions to work the design doesn’t need so much space. The first season had more of a sharp design to it and that was a design that was not necessary for running – now it’s a lot more functional!”

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