Champion Japan Line SS18 Lookbook

Like many things, Champion is flat out better in Japan. The Asia focused line offers up better fitting garments and higher quality construction. Classic Champion staples like Reverse Weave sweatshirts, jerseys, hoodies and outerwear are all here. There is even a leather jacket on offer. Keep in mind that this lookbook was shot with the Korean market in mind but it should be distributed across Asia. Take a look below at the entire lookbook over at their official site.

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Champion Made in Japan Reverse Weave Collection

If you’re gonna get a Champion crewneck, it’s always been the case that the reverse weave joints are THAT much nicer. They’re more durable, hold their shape better after countless washes, and to me they’ve come represent a golden era of American manufacturing technique. It’s not suprising then that Champion Japan has produced it’s own … Read more

BoF Article ” The Gatekeepers of Japanese Fashion”

Photo: Undercover Aoyama As I’ve learned more about fashion, my personal tastes have gravitated towards many labels based in Japan. To me many Japanese brands appeal due to the quality of product, but also due to the unique perspectives that designers from there provide. Many Japanese labels have had little opportunity (or in some cases … Read more

November Tokyo Streetstyle Selections

I’m constantly inspired by the style of strangers on the streets of New York. But when I’m online I like to take a look at what’s occurring in far off lands and Japanese streetstyle has long been my favorite. I would say that Japanese streetstyle blogs really emphasize brand-mixing and celebrating a personalized look. Here … Read more

Book : Happy Victims

‘Happy Victims, You Are What You Buy’ by Kyoichi Tsuzuki Seigensha, Kyoto, 2008. 178 pp., 85 color illustrations, 10½x8″. Happy Victims is a photo book that profiles Japanese individuals who are obsessed with one particular designer. In the book collectors range from a Buddhist monk who visits his Tokyo condo filled with Comme des Garcons … Read more

New Generation Tokyo Feature Part One: 90’s Tokyo

I have begun to explore further into the world of Japanese menswear and the history of it’s development. While browsing LN-CC I came accross this feature in which LN-CC speaks with Hiromichi Ochiai of Facetasm and the design team behind SASQUATCHfabrix The Wonder Workers Guerilla band. An excerpt from the terrific feature below. ‘It was … Read more