The Photography of Eric Bouvet

Browsing tumblr one day I came across one striking photo by Eric Bouvet. I did a quick search and found more images by the celebrated award-winning photojournalist. With the contrast stream of images I see daily, it’s not often that an image that really makes forces me to stop, stare and think. Looking through Bouvet’s work I saw a whole collection of candid fearless images that reflected the diversity of life on Earth.  I loved that flipping through his work brought me from the desert during Burning Man to the battlefields of Afghanistan and Chechnya to the rundown outskirts of Detroit. After the jump I have posted some of my absolute favorite photos by him.

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Book : Happy Victims

‘Happy Victims, You Are What You Buy’ by Kyoichi Tsuzuki Seigensha, Kyoto, 2008. 178 pp., 85 color illustrations, 10½x8″. Happy Victims is a photo book that profiles Japanese individuals who are obsessed with one particular designer. In the book collectors range from a Buddhist monk who visits his Tokyo condo filled with Comme des Garcons … Read more