Whiz Limited Spring/Summer 2013 Looks and Details


Whiz Limited is a brand that is new to me but has existed in Japan for a decade. The brand’s founder Hiroaki Shitano began with hand-made t-shirts with his friends and since then has expanded to create a complete men’s line. The concept of Whiz Limited is creating ‘Individual Clothing’ ; garments that represent different aspects of Tokyo culture without¬†succumbing¬†to a¬†stereotyped, contrived “Tokyo Streetstyle”.

What i like about this collection are the well-executed outerwear pieces ¬†paired with the clean practical styling. The garments are takes on¬†familiar¬†men’s staples but the line does not go overboard on design details. Many current menswear designers have a tendency to overdesign at times and I think the restraint seen here should be applauded. What I also liked is that these full looks would be very easy for guys to wear but the styling also shows how many of the pieces can be worked into a variety of wardrobes. A quick glance at the¬†web-store¬†revealed prices for outerwear range from about ¬•20,000 to ¬•100,000 (Approx 1260 USD). I will definetly be featuring more coverage on this brand in the future.

via Fashion Snap