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First introduced in 1999, Levi’s RED is a concept collection by Levi’s that is dedicated to reinventing the iconic Levi’s 5-pocket jean and proposing new forms and aesthetics for jeanswear.

LN-CC will be the exclusive worldwide stockist for the first Levi’s RED collection to be released in seven years and to commemorate they have curated a small archive of the first Levi’s RED collection from ’99 ‘Twisted RED.’ The most striking aspect of the collection is how the brand played around with the  fit and proportion of the denim, while maintaing the ‘heritage’ look. 

The 2014 ‘Lined RED’ collection draws its inspiration from Levi’s long history of lining many of the denim styles with cleanly nished blanket fabrics or sheep’s wool as early as 1879 and each piece will n, each denim garment is fully lined with indigo-coloured cotton silk. You can shop the archive collection HERE and see more looks after the jump. 

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LN-CC recently released this trio of Rick Owens sneakers featuring tan colored ponyhair and brushed black leather. The models include the familar high-top Geobasket trainer and two types of brushed leather Island Dunk shoes. Prices range from $1210USD to $1478. If you like ponyhair on sneakers, this is one of the better executions I’ve seen this year. Since their initial release Rick Owens high-top have always been a love it or hate it item, but personally I always welcome new iterations on a now iconic sneaker design.

You can shop the collection currently on LN-CC.

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A couple months back, LN-CC did a sale featuring rare archival pieces from Raf Simons. The good folks at LN-CC are at at again by releasing more pieces from their archive (with some pieces being from even before Raf’s debut collection).  I’ve selected some of my favorite pieces from the shop, and theres a many more highlights after the jump.

You can shop the collection on LN-CC but hurry as select pieces are already sold out.

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Photo: Undercover Aoyama

As I’ve learned more about fashion, my personal tastes have gravitated towards many labels based in Japan. To me many Japanese brands appeal due to the quality of product, but also due to the unique perspectives that designers from there provide. Many Japanese labels have had little opportunity (or in some cases interest) in expanding past the island’s borders. An article published yesterday on the Business of Fashion explores the phenomenon of ‘madoguchi’ who are essentially the gatekeepers of business in Japan to the international market. As I post many Japanese lines here, I think this article helps explain some basic issues that are unique to the fashion business there.

The excerpt from the article below does a good job of summarizing the role of madoguchi in the fashion marketplace.

In Japanese business culture, the ‘madoguchi’ (literally, ‘window opening’) was traditionally someone who sat as the designated contact person funnelling all dialogue between two companies. Over time, it has also come to refer to a host of independent specialists who – to varying degrees – act as scout, market researcher, mediator, cultural ambassador, interpreter and deal broker between Japanese and international markets. As in most other sectors, they are usually bicultural and bilingual but ‘fashion hunters’, as they’re sometimes playfully cast in our industry, are an especially diverse, valuable and enigmatic bunch.

“There are so many Japanese brands at the moment. They come and go, so it may be difficult to understand what’s relevant and what’s not, if your ‘madoguchi’ isn’t based here in Tokyo,” says Hidetaka Furuya, chief editor of The Fashion Post, a rare online source of fashion and lifestyle news published both in English and Japanese.

Furuya himself has operated as a ‘madoguchi’ – or “Japanese ambassador” as he prefers to call it – for LN-CC, an East London concept store which has since become one of the few places outside Japan to buy cult labels like SASQUATCHfabrix, Blackmeans, Nonnative, Unused and Sunsea.

“The thing is, I sometimes get the impression that Tokyo streetwear brands are consciously trying to be less visible on the scene [while others ] are not as visible as they should be because they’re shy, anti-mainstream or too-cool-for-school,” he continues. “Their attitude kind of reminds me of this Japanese proverb that means ‘a skilled hawk hides its talons.’ They often say they’re just making what they want to wear, producing really well-made things in Japan. They present their collections when they are ready; not during the Japan Fashion Week period. However, all this makes it difficult for foreign buyers to visit Tokyo to buy good Japanese labels.”


Read the entire article by Robb Young on “The Gatekeepers Who Hold the Keys to Japanese Fashion

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His look: Rick Owens Men’s Short Sleeved T-Shirt | Damir Doma Men’s Jelesto Bomber Jacket | Damir Doma Men’s Chanos Coat
Her look: Kolor Women’s Seam Detail Shorts | Jil Sander Women’s Box Sweater | Damir Doma Women’s Channa Coat | Cherevichkiotvichki Women’s Bark Dyed Ankle Boots

His look: Damir Doma Men’s Candiru Coat | Lanvin Men’s Tuxedo Collar Mix Material Shirt | Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Striped Tuck Trousers | Lanvin Men’s Gum Effect Calfskin Low Trainer Shoe
Her look: Haider Ackermann Women’s Steiner Jacket | Yang Li Women’s Skate Shorts

His look: Jil Sander Men’s Vilnus Jacket | Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Men’s Jaquard Jersey Trousers
Her look: Lucas Nascimento Women’s Basket Weave Short Sleeve Top

His look: Lanvin Men’s Double Breasted Slim Collar Coat | Jil Sander Men’s Geometric Pattern Jumper | Damir Doma Men’s Drop Crotch Pintano Trousers | Lanvin Men’s Merinos Velvet Lambskin Mid Top Trainer
Her look: Boboutic Women’s Crew Neck Metallic Yarn Jumper | Boboutic Women’s Soft Jacquard Trousers | Cherevichkiotvichki Women’s Bark Dyed Ankle Boots

His look: Lanvin Men’s One Button Short Jacket | Lanvin Men’s Wool Gaze Polo Neck Jumper | Damir Doma Men’s Pholis Fisherman Trousers
Her look: Lucas Nascimento Women’s Chenille Crew Neck Sleeveless Bodice Top | Yang Li Women’s Skate Shorts

LN-CC presents a series of looks for men and women set against a futurist geometric backdrop. While many of the items on LN-CC are definitely covet-worthy I appreciate that the styling on the site brings everything together.

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The one aspect of LN-CC that I admire most is the site’s willingness to take risks with its buys and to bring different perspectives on styling, fashion and culture. I was on the site today and came across the above visuals which document the religious and secular groups which broke away from mainstream American lifestyles to pursue an ideal of Utopian living.

LN-CC has selected a series of book titles that chronicle aspects of the visual, ideological and experiential elements of these uptopian movements. Among the most famous of these books is the Whole Earth Catalog.

“In 1968 Whole Earth Catalog was first published, becoming the most instrumental publication in the growth of sixties and seventies counterculture communities. Founded by Stewart Brand, the catalogue offered an amazing range of tools, services and information, not only for back-to-the-land communities but also for progressive minds in the fields of architecture and technology. The catalogue attributed its founding to Buckminster Fuller, the systems theorist, inventor and futurist designer and architect who popularised the geodesic dome. One of the first rural communes of the sixties, Drop City, was also inspired by Fuller’s work. The commune was based on the principle of ‘life as art’ and their iconic domes built from salvaged parts became the crowning representation of this new way of living.”

See more on LN-CC

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The 2012 London Olympics are in full swing and gaining momentum now that the track and field events have begun.
While not all of us are fortunate enough to be there to witness it live, Third Looks has sourced some men’s pieces that will be stylish for many Games to come.

Komakino OC-Exclusive MA-1 Jacket

Komakino OC Exclusive MA-1 Jacket, $840 at Opening Ceremony

Printed graphic decal on the back and the color hits on the zipper closure and arms ensure that this MA-1 stands out above the rest. For the less brave it also comes in black.

Facetasm (ファセッタズム) Stars and Stripes Shorts via James R McNally monotone version on LN-CC.

Facetasm is a brand that takes embellishments and wild styling to the next level and these flag shorts are no exception. With these long cotton shorts you can rep USA ’round your waist literally.

Adidas Opening Ceremony Paisley T-shirt

Adidas x Opening Ceremony Men’s Paisley Patchwork T-Shirt £90.00 at Opening Ceremony

Adidas teamed up with Opening Ceremony for these paneled paisley print pocket tees for the London Olympics that are guaranteed to get looks. See the rest of the collection at Oki-Ni.

Nike 21st C. Windrunner Men’s Jacket $450 via Nike

What the medalists have been wearing on the podium for team USA. This windrunner jacket has practicality in mind as it effectively shields its wearer from the elements, keeping you warm dry and looking good.

A.P.C 1987 Print Sweat £115.00 at End Clothing

Vintage inspired basic crewneck from A.P.C. Save yourself the trouble of shopping endless thrift stores and just cop this brand new.

Supreme USA snapback.

These sold out quick but if you’re willing to drop some extra cash they can easily be found on reseller sites.

Nike Flyknit Trainer + and Nike Flyknit Racer Available at Footpatrol

Another staple on podiums this Olympic games, expect the flyknits to start poppin up on streets more reguarly in the very near future. Stay ahead of the crowd and cop now.

Maison Martin Margiela G.A.Ts in Gold Foil Repicla Sneaker £380 at Oki-Ni

These are GATS and are they are gold foil. Only get these if you are 100% sure you can pull em off. But if you can you deserve em.

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