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His look: Rick Owens Men’s Short Sleeved T-Shirt | Damir Doma Men’s Jelesto Bomber Jacket | Damir Doma Men’s Chanos Coat
Her look: Kolor Women’s Seam Detail Shorts | Jil Sander Women’s Box Sweater | Damir Doma Women’s Channa Coat | Cherevichkiotvichki Women’s Bark Dyed Ankle Boots

His look: Damir Doma Men’s Candiru Coat | Lanvin Men’s Tuxedo Collar Mix Material Shirt | Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Striped Tuck Trousers | Lanvin Men’s Gum Effect Calfskin Low Trainer Shoe
Her look: Haider Ackermann Women’s Steiner Jacket | Yang Li Women’s Skate Shorts

His look: Jil Sander Men’s Vilnus Jacket | Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Men’s Jaquard Jersey Trousers
Her look: Lucas Nascimento Women’s Basket Weave Short Sleeve Top

His look: Lanvin Men’s Double Breasted Slim Collar Coat | Jil Sander Men’s Geometric Pattern Jumper | Damir Doma Men’s Drop Crotch Pintano Trousers | Lanvin Men’s Merinos Velvet Lambskin Mid Top Trainer
Her look: Boboutic Women’s Crew Neck Metallic Yarn Jumper | Boboutic Women’s Soft Jacquard Trousers | Cherevichkiotvichki Women’s Bark Dyed Ankle Boots

His look: Lanvin Men’s One Button Short Jacket | Lanvin Men’s Wool Gaze Polo Neck Jumper | Damir Doma Men’s Pholis Fisherman Trousers
Her look: Lucas Nascimento Women’s Chenille Crew Neck Sleeveless Bodice Top | Yang Li Women’s Skate Shorts

LN-CC presents a series of looks for men and women set against a futurist geometric backdrop. While many of the items on LN-CC are definitely covet-worthy I appreciate that the styling on the site brings everything together.

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Designer Jil Sander in 1968, near her studio on Milchstrasse in Hamburg

2012 was a year of musical chairs for the fashion industry with the power structure at European houses in a state of constant flux. The Wall Street Journal published an article by Dana Thomas last week shedding light on how German designer Jil Sander returned to her namesake label. The piece serves as a great primer on Jil Sander’s storied fashion career and also exposes the circumstances of Raf Simon’s departure. I’ve included a brief excerpt from the piece below.

“Bringing Sander back was a gamble: The company had a capable designer, the Belgian Raf Simons, and sales, while not headline-making, were, as Jil Sander CEO Alessandro Cremonesi politely puts it, “satisfactory.” Fashion critics loved Simons’s clothes—influential Women’s Wear Daily columnist Bridget Foley wrote that his work at Jil Sander made the company “not only relevant again but essential.”

But editorial fandom does not always yield profits. During much of Simons’s tenure, the company remained solidly in the red. Last year, revenue was up 14 percent and almost broke even, but that was due, in large part, to “cutting costs and a more selective distribution,” Cremonesi says. The company’s executives, he adds, believe that it “has strong potential for growth.” Today Jil Sander does about $140 million in annual sales; ideally, they would like to return to the nearly $250 million turnover under Sander’s former reign. And the best way to do that, they believed, was “to get back to the roots of the company—to its DNA,” says Jil Sander Chairman Franco Pene. “And there was no one more capable of doing this than the original designer.”

Read the article in it’s entirety HERE. If you have an interest in how the luxury fashion business has changed since the 1980’s, I also highly recommend Dana Thoma’s book Deluxe:How Luxury Lost it’s luster. You can find it at local bookshops or on Amazon.

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My style has been under constant evolution since I first got interested in fashion almost a decade ago. It has been a challenge working in pieces from so many different brands into my wardrobe and I always appreciate others who can dress across brands and flip it their own way. Paul is a fashion student at F.I.T and he is someone who definitely owns amazing pieces but the way he wears them is all his own. For men especially I think it is key to look and feel comfortable in the clothes you own. When it comes to the Style Profiles on Third Looks, I select people who dress according to their own vision. I hope that this site helps people find their own style and empowers them to make informed fashion decisions.

Look 1
Vintage Snapback Hat
Jil Sander Floral T-Shirt
H&M Shorts
Raf Simons Derby Shoes

How’d you first get interested in fashion and how has your style evolved over time?

I liked clothes from an early age. I even went through my older sister copies of Vogue when I was younger. Then I got into skateboarding, wearing tapered baggy cords with Sal 23 or fatigue cargo pants and some Vans Old Skools. I would go through a copy of Transworld and see all those cool printed t-shirts and I was really into that, especially Hook-Ups. In early 2000 I came across Graniph T-shirts, which was a Japanese design company. I was looking into that and found an online forum called Superfuture and at the same time I was working for a high end retail store in NYC. These combined factors opened more doors to what’s out there. As I got older I transitioned to a more fitted and minimal style (slim wool trousers and dressy shoes). Despite that I always seem to go back to buying sneakers. My style changes now and then but I always reflect on my old style and mix it with my current style.

Look 2
Supreme x Champion Hooded Coach Jacket
Rick Owens T-Shirt
Ann Demeulemeester Trousers
Rick Owens Sneakers

How has your education as a designer changed your outlook on clothes and shopping?

Fashion education made me more critical. I have an idea of how clothes are sewn together so when I see something made poorly, that just raises a red flag. Sometimes it is the complete opposite, I would see something so interesting and well made that I have to figure out how it was made. It can really help you realize some people are creative geniuses.

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Jil Sander Leather Lunchbag

Jil Sander Leather Lunchbag

Jil Sander Leather Lunchbag

Izzy of the Dandy Project just posted his Jil Sander leather lunch bag from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. While at first glance the idea of a leather lunch bag may seem the opposite of practical to many guys out there, there are some features that make this piece a viable option as a bag. The bag has two metal bars at the top that act as a frame to help the wearer hold comfortably as well as two patch pockets within to help organize the contents

After seeing these detail photographs I would definitely love to have this piece in my life, not just as an occasional accessory but also as keepsake from Raf Simons last season designing at the helm of Jil Sander. Unfortunately the item flew off shelves and seems to be sold out most everywhere. Feel free to comment if you know where it is still being sold.

Be sure to visit The Dandy Project for more great content and check out the style profile I did with Izzy HERE.

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Images via the No Names

“Sukezane’s Diary in Tokyo Maze”
Stylist Tomoki Sukezane p
Photography by Junji Hata.

Images : Editorial SOTOKOTO Feburary 2010 Issue

Large elaborate prints that blend art with clothing continue to be marched down the runways of Milan, New York and Paris. One collaboration that was ahead of the curve in this regard was between painter/printmaker Leonard Tsuguoharu Foujita and Jil Sander for the Raf Simons designed Spring/Summer 2010 season. These face prints sold quickly and now are increasingly difficult to come by on auction sites and message boards, be sure to hang on tight if you own pieces from this capsule colleciton.

Leonard Tsuguoharu Foujita Self Portrait


FW2011 Knit T-shirt The Soloist by Takahiro Miyashita

Rick Owens Trainers

Supreme x WTAPS FW10 Reversible Varsity

Heschung for Comme des Garcon Spring/Summer 2009

Dae’s shoe collection

Jil Sander SS10 ‘ Foujita Print’ Shirt

As promised part two of the style profile I did of Dae. You can see Part one HERE.

Photography by Rocky Li


Fashion magazines and brands have incentive to push certain trends and looks. One of the persistent challenges of wardrobe building is translating the looks designers put on runways, and editors in magazines, to fit into your own personal style.  I chose to profile my friend Dae because I see him as someone who is able to navigate between brands effortlessly, bringing varied pieces together to create seamless simple outfits.

In part one of this style profile I got a little help from photographer Rebekah Seok.

Look 1

Top : Jil Sander SS10 ‘ Foujita Print’ Shirt
Pants : Nom de Guerre
Shoes : Red Wing Postman

Look 2

Top : Undercover T-shirt
Pants : Nom de Geurre Trousers
Shoes : Visvim FBT

Look 3

Jacket : Supreme x WTAPS Reversible Varsity
Top : Fred Perry
Trousers : Engineered Garments
Shoes : Comme des Garcon

When and how did your interest in fashion and clothes develop?

My interest for fashion really picked up when I started DJing in sophomore year of high school. A friend on djforums taught me everything about the art of mixing and the eclectic DJ scene in Japan, which introduced me to individuals such as Nigo and Hiroshi Fujiwara of Major Force. I then visited Japan for the first time in my junior year and that changed everything.

Your wardrobe has a large mix of pieces across many different brands. How did you come to own such a large and varied clothing collection?

I’m just a fan of design, whether it’s clothes, architecture, or a website even. It’s also fun to mix with different brands and try to craft your own unique look.

What are some of your style inspirations?

Literally everything. The art you see at the MET, the different type of people you see from walking around NYC or seeing your favorite DJ perform on the big stage. All that man.

How has moving from the west coast to New York changed your personal style?

Not much, but you certainly have more brands available here compared to the Bay Area.

How do you choose which pieces to buy next? Any current grails?

It really depends. My mentality when it comes to shopping during the summer is much different compared to winter. Like I won’t start looking for a t-shirt when it’s blistering cold outside. I’d rather save up and get a warm jacket. My favorite piece at the moment is my Supreme x WTAPS varsity. It’s perfect.

 How do you see your style evolving over the next few years?

More simple.

Look out for part 2 of this style profile with Dae coming soon. Be sure to check out Dae on tumblr HERE.

Writing by Rocky Li
Photography by Rebekah Seok


Raf Simons top and Number (N)ine jeans

Number (N)ine shirt and native print jeans

Thom Browne cardigan and polo , Engineered Garments shorts

Jil Sander T-shirt and H&M shorts

My friend Paul took these snaps on a recent trip through Texas. Look for a full style profile on him in the near future.

Photos by Paul Malonzo


Behind-the-scenes film of Jil Sander’s A/W12 show.

Via Dazed Digital

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Man about Town is one of my favorite men’s magazines on the market. It’s released quarterly and I treat it more like a collectable coffee table book than a magazine. It’s not filled with fluff or advertisements like much of what is out there. Instead the magazine instead pushes a tasteful cosmopolitan view of art , fashion, and music. This editorial Viper Boys is shot by Richard Bush and has a mood that’s simultaneously modern and nostalgic. Theres a certain romantic sadness captured that really resonates better on the printed than our day to day lives. Nevertheless the great photography is combined by excellent styling including pieces from Jil Sander, Noah, and Victor & Rolf Monsieur.


Richard Bush – Photographer
Cole Mohr – Model
Eliza Cummings – Model
Ash Stymest – Model
Max Barreau – Model