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My style has been under constant evolution since I first got interested in fashion almost a decade ago. It has been a challenge working in pieces from so many different brands into my wardrobe and I always appreciate others who can dress across brands and flip it their own way. Paul is a fashion student at F.I.T and he is someone who definitely owns amazing pieces but the way he wears them is all his own. For men especially I think it is key to look and feel comfortable in the clothes you own. When it comes to the Style Profiles on Third Looks, I select people who dress according to their own vision. I hope that this site helps people find their own style and empowers them to make informed fashion decisions.

Look 1
Vintage Snapback Hat
Jil Sander Floral T-Shirt
H&M Shorts
Raf Simons Derby Shoes

How’d you first get interested in fashion and how has your style evolved over time?

I liked clothes from an early age. I even went through my older sister copies of Vogue when I was younger. Then I got into skateboarding, wearing tapered baggy cords with Sal 23 or fatigue cargo pants and some Vans Old Skools. I would go through a copy of Transworld and see all those cool printed t-shirts and I was really into that, especially Hook-Ups. In early 2000 I came across Graniph T-shirts, which was a Japanese design company. I was looking into that and found an online forum called Superfuture and at the same time I was working for a high end retail store in NYC. These combined factors opened more doors to what’s out there. As I got older I transitioned to a more fitted and minimal style (slim wool trousers and dressy shoes). Despite that I always seem to go back to buying sneakers. My style changes now and then but I always reflect on my old style and mix it with my current style.

Look 2
Supreme x Champion Hooded Coach Jacket
Rick Owens T-Shirt
Ann Demeulemeester Trousers
Rick Owens Sneakers

How has your education as a designer changed your outlook on clothes and shopping?

Fashion education made me more critical. I have an idea of how clothes are sewn together so when I see something made poorly, that just raises a red flag. Sometimes it is the complete opposite, I would see something so interesting and well made that I have to figure out how it was made. It can really help you realize some people are creative geniuses.

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Layla Racy cropped coat

Uniqlo UU Men’s cardigan, Vintage Comme des Garçons shirt

Opening Ceremony knit sweater

H&M Comme des Garçons men’s peacoat, Uniqlo UU men’s knit

Third Looks Editorial: Met Life
Photographer: Rebekah Seok
Stylist: Rocky Li
Model: Essdea


H&M their collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela on Novemember 15th. There was a great deal of controversy regarding the original announcement of this capsule collection given Margiela’s elusive brand history. It’s said that the products are expected to be re-issues of key archival menswear pieces.

“The collection is a series of re-editions, featuring Maison Martin Margiela garments from various seasons since menswear was introduced in 1998. Each garment will be labelled detailing the year and season of origin. The re-editions have been selected not only because of their importance in the history of the Maison, but so the H&M collection will comprise a full wardrobe for men. There are re-editions of coats, suits, denim, shirts, sweaters, shoes and accessories.”

When I showed my friend Tim the article he reminded me of a comment he had made on facebook on June 12th, shortly after the initial product announcement.

“It would be awesome if they did their own past products. A luxury brand that used to stand for anonymity and mystery – with its own “Replica” line (22, I think) – doing a “Replica” series of their own product with a company (H&M) synonymous with mass access/appeal/production, using their most hyped product line (collaborations). It would put a nail in the coffin of MMM brand’s past in a quintessentially Margiela manner: cerebral, pretentious, clever to a fault, and hilarious.”

Suffice to say , most my friends are fashion nerds. We will try to bring you a honest assesement of the line as it develops, though my personal gut feeling is that it will be disappointing as alot of MMM’s appeal is in the treatments, production processes and quality of the materials.

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Raf Simons top and Number (N)ine jeans

Number (N)ine shirt and native print jeans

Thom Browne cardigan and polo , Engineered Garments shorts

Jil Sander T-shirt and H&M shorts

My friend Paul took these snaps on a recent trip through Texas. Look for a full style profile on him in the near future.

Photos by Paul Malonzo