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Palace Skateboards brings that 90’s feel back by releasing this ree with footy from skater Shawn Powers in New York City. Whether you skate or not, if you appreciate skate videos and classic rap this is a must watch. 


Today Supreme launched their new iPhone mobile website. In this Internet age where it seems that just about every brand has a social media presence and a mobile app it’s worth taking a look back at these ads from mid 1990s. The use of subversive imagery and placement in key skateboarding magazines built the foundation and formula which the brand uses to this day.

Check out another nostalgic video below shot in 1996 by MTV Japan.

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I’ve been rocking and admiring Supreme since around 2006. I really respect the brands development because I feel as it has grown with me without ever losing touch with what its core identity is. There are always a few items in each collection that I can identify with and be excited to purchase and wear and FW2011 is no exception. The preview dropped earlier today and I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite items from the collection.


Supreme always incorporates a few key prints into each of its collections. This time around they did a really great Paisley print hoody. The only thing I can’t decide is Maroon or Navy. While some say this pattern is a little busy I personally just love it.

Supreme featured two colorways of a Liberty print t-shirt in SS11 and now they are back with two more. Not sure if I’ll scoop this up but considering that I love the shirt I got from last season ; never say never.


Love Hennessy. Drink Hennessy. This obvious Mobb Deep nod and return of the Hennessy design is a must buy for me. The Miners jacket has some nice details and the quality looks quite good. Navy would be in my pick in this design.


Good gloves are hard to come by. These fingerless gloves continue the design from last season sans fingers. I own the navy gloves from the past season and would love to pickup another pair in the grey or royal blue.

I’m a sucker for the kitschy collaborations and collectables Supreme makes. The highlights in that category this time are the dice and the FUCK carpet. The rug once again is made by Gallery 1950 and while not as great as their previous Fuck Em collaboration, I’m sure I would regret NOT getting this decorative item.

I will be sure to make continual updates as this stuff hits the shelves at Supreme New York. In closing a couple footnotes.

Shook Ones Pt.II about 85% of the reason I want that Hennessy jump-off so bad and a certified hip-hop classic.

We Fly High

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