It Girl No.3: Rachel Hodin

It’s been some time since we’ve featured an ‘It Girl’ here on Third Looks. In case you haven’t seen the otherĀ It GirlĀ features, I’ll recap what the label means to me. These are girls who areĀ are free-thinking, charismatic and stylish. These are the girls the world needs more of; the onesĀ thatĀ eventually be be at the top … Read more

It Girl No.2 : Galadriel

Knowing Galadriel is to know that she might just meet you for coffee in ‘cat face.’ If you hang out with Galadriel and her friends contrarian behavior is to be expected and adored. Galadriel’s introduces the M.O. of her gang of ‘untouchabelles’ on her blog. ‘We draw cat faces on our faces and laugh too … Read more

‘It Girl’ No.1 – Alyssa ‘Brooklyn Spring’

The concept behind ‘It Girls’ has been in my head for some time. ‘It Girls’ are free-thinking, charismatic and stylish girls who unabashedly live life. Third Looks aims toĀ  bring these dynamic individuals to the forefront and document a point in their lives. It Girls’ will be a regular feature on Third Looks profilingĀ  girls … Read more