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Y-3 has been gaining popuarity and momentum through 2014 with the release of the highly sought out Qasa sneaker. The hype was enough to make a new audience take a look beyond the footwear and at the unique athletic look of the entire line. GRIND kills it once again incorporating male and female models , while blending together key pieces from the fall/winter 2015 collection. Look for these items to be available directly through the Y-3 site.

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2014 was a huge year for sneakers with countless memorable releases having come and gone. The sneaker industry is witnessing massive change and one can see the growing popularity of sneakers in the fashion community running parallel to the continued innovation within the sports/performance sector.

One of the key themes with sneaker design this year has been the development of more lifestyle releases that result from collaborations with varied parties from the streetwear and fashion worlds. In particular Adidas has continued to apply pressure to Nike through it’s established relationships with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens , Kanye West and Pharrell. The later part of the year saw Nike continue to develop its SP (Special Projects) division with more limited and quickstrike releases that combine higher quality materials along with outside design influence from the likes of Errolson Hugh and Jun Takahashi.

As part of this commitment to the fashion industry, we see prices of certain more ‘luxe’ releases such as the Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 nearly reaching the pricepoint of high fashion designer sneakers. I think this is a good development in the long run as the sneaker giants are able to develop more innovative designs compared to largely apparel designers needing to figure out their own production and technology. It’ll be interesting to see if these trends perpetuate in the near year but in the meantime here is my personal list of the best sneaker releaes of 2014.

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With a huge snowstorm  currently making it’s way through the North East I thought there would be no better time to make this post recommending sweatpants for the season.  2013 was a big year for staying cozy and 2014 looks to be no different.  If you want to stay comfortable while making more than just corner bodega runs in sweats, you’ll be well served with any of the below options.

Nike Tech Fleece Pant

These have Nike sweats have been hyped up and often sellout within hours when they drop online at I wasn’t sure they would live up to the acclaim but after getting two pairs for myself, I wholeheartly recommended these joints. The tech fleece material is lighter and provides great comfort without being any less warm. The zipper pockets at the back and left side of the pants keep your belongings safe and the cuffed design works well with a variety of sneakers and boots. Plus these are a relative steal at $80 retail.

Available at

Thom Browne Drawstring Lounge Pants

You may have seen Lucas rocking these in the recent style profile, but these sweatpants are definitely winners. The branded tri-color cuffs and leg detail make this the perfect item to pair with TB shirting or if you’re really splashing out a Moncler Gamme Bleu outerwear piece. These will set you back a pretty penny at a retail price of over $550 but you can catch a detail over at SSENSE for the olive green ones. New Yorkers can find these at the Thom Browne shop-in-shop at Dover Street Market New York.

Tartan Sweatpant by Wings + Horns for Steven Alan

These joints by Wings and Horns will get  get the job done. A classy drawstring detail and a slimish fit and non-descript heather grey cotton round out the features on these sweats. Scoop these at Steven Alan on sale for $136.

Norse Projects – Gustav Wool Pant 

A wool/cotton blend  and plenty of color choices make this a solid contender. Norse Project delivers good quality basics at reasonable prices and once again that’s the case here. The above ‘fig’ colorway keeps things civilized enough that you could theoretically wear these to a wine and cheese without getting laughed at.

WTAPS Hellweek Sweats

Mil-spec specialists WTAPS puts out the heavy-weight Hellweek sweatpants. Quite a bit of branding on here but if you have other WTAPS gear to pair with this, these sweats are an easy choice. 168 EURO at Firmament.

Y-3 Track Pants

I spotted these in the Y-3 boutique this past week but didn’t get a chance to try them on unfortunately. I definitely liked the material and technical details and I didn’t mind the placement of the logo hit either. These feel luxe, and you can scoop em in-store at the Y-3 store or find them on sale at Memes.

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The dust has settled, countless looks have been marched down runways and thousands of streetstyle photos have been snapped. Here’s my selections for the best Spring/Summer 2014 looks this NYFW.

Siki Im 

Siki Im had a strong collection this spring/summer showing. The proportions are nicely balanced here and the inclusion of the grey steers this away from being the usual all-white summer fit. The slightly dropped cut of the pants and looseness of the t-shirt are a nice compliment to the white leather as well.

Tim Coppens

Tim Coppens has shown a ton of promise since his debut 2 seasons ago. Coming from his background designing at RLX it’s no surprise there’s a strong sportswear thread in this collection. I love crewnecks and this one looks excellent on the runway. Raglan sleeves and leather inserts on the forearms are paired with a pair of well cut shorts. This is a strong look for New York spring nights.

Patrik Ervell

Ervell drew color and design inspiration from nautical themes for his latest collection. This jacket gives me a feeling of 90’s Nautica but just done way better. Paired with what look like sweatpants, this definitely checks both the cozy boyz box for spring 2014.


N.Hoolywood had a strong western theme this season. In a way it reminded me of the “My Own Private Portland” collection from Number (N)ine. The collection had some really strong pieces that appear to fit great. This is the only blacked-out look and it’s my favorite. Mainly because of the zippered print jacket which seems based on a Levi’s denim jacket pattern. I’d happily take a pair of those dress trousers too.


Yohji Yamamoto teamed up with graphic artist Peter Saville on this one. As a huge fan of Saville and the past clothing collaborations he’s done, I’m not surprised that I love the shirt. The gradient print combined with the contrast sleeves and Y-3 branding just looks great. The hat and the sneakers in the look I also like. While Y-3 is mainly known for its stark black/white look, the color pieces are some of the best ones. Their sneaker design also seems to improved from past seasons when Y-3 sneakers were very hit or miss.

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This was the first Y-3 show I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person. The location was an abandoned factory space in the lower east side which provided a historical contrast from this futurist sportswear by Yohji Yamamoto. In the collection there’s pretty straight on takes on sportswear staples such as track jackets and sneakers but my favorite pieces were the ones that blended signature Yohji shapes with synthetic materials and minimal Y-3 branding.

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I’m constantly inspired by the style of strangers on the streets of New York. But when I’m online I like to take a look at what’s occurring in far off lands and Japanese streetstyle has long been my favorite. I would say that Japanese streetstyle blogs really emphasize brand-mixing and celebrating a personalized look. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Japanese streetstyle blog Style Arena.

Here are some of my November streetstyle picks from Harajuku, Ginza, Daikanyama, and Shibuya.

Yuki Ikeda

Shirt: SLACK
Sarrouel Pants: GANRYU
Loafers: Hender Scheme × HARUTA
Bag: Hender Scheme

A very Junya-esque look worn with a lot of confidence. The proportions and lines are clean and the pants are drop-crotch without being extreme. Casual and effortless and the all khaki is a good contrast to the indigo shirt below.


Handbag: Ungaro

Paz is wearing a men’s jacket and owning it. This pattern isn’t easy to pull off but the color on the dress and shoes help tone down how eye-catching it is.  This fit is better than the sum of it’s parts and to me that indicates great personal style.

Mayumi Kaneko


A nice languid fit that’s broken up by the cropped patterned trousers and cropped coat sleeves. A simple fit but the looseness of the clothes puts a really nice drape. Doesn’t hurt that this beezy has such a great haircut either.


Scarves: BALMAIN
Sneakers: VANS

The vans in this fit tone down a luxe look with mostly John Lawrence Sullivan. I like that the chesterfield does not look too dressy here and instead gives more of a youthful vibe. The slacks fit perfect but the purple socks put this one over the top.


Jacket work: COMME des GARCONS
Pants skinny: banal Chic Bizarre
Glasses: MYKITA
Sneakers: Y-3

Shinya is pulling off three difficult things here: orange hair, black and navy and layering a jacket underneath a coat. For that he deserves props. Before you attempt this look make sure your swag is up to pair, self-doubt will be your downfall.



Loyal Third Looks visitors may remember my post last year about the street-style blog  Otomayim B Dipper. The site is run by my friend Ryo Miyamoto, who takes all the photos for his site personally. I started running into Ryo at fashion and art events all around the city and quickly noticed his knack for putting together really creative outfits. While I had some idea that he was a stylish dude, shooting this style profile with him really convinced me that Ryo is on a whole ‘nother level.

Many people thrift shop to find cheap items. A few mix vintage with designer items really well to create their own highly personal style. Ryo mixes things in ways I had never seen or even considered.  I’ll let the photos and his words speak for themselves.

Look 1
Vintage newsboy cap
Vintage glasses
Vintage jacket
Vintage vest
Creep by Hiroshi Awai shirt
Pourton de Moi pants
Yuketen shoes
Uniqlo socks

You mentioned to me that your style has evolved a lot since you moved to New York. Can you speak about how it has developed since you moved from Japan?

I am from a tiny island called Okinawa, where most of U.S. military bases in Japan are located. Therefore, American culture was always around me. I moved to New York five years ago and at the time, hip-hop and R&B were my big interests. I wore a New Era cap, an Adidas track jacket, Dickies baggy pants, and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. I did not know what YSL stood for and I barely knew about Comme des Garçons. However, thanks to the kind people I have met, I gradually started learning about fashion and style. My style today came from all my friends around me. Hopefully, I can continue to learn from them and further develop my style and identity.

Look 2
Issey Miyake hat
Vintage jacket
Vintage pants
Vintage shoes
Nepenthes socks

You are able to find very amazing vintage pieces at thrift stores. Do you have any advice on how to find such great pieces?

First, I browse colors and prints, then feel textures; then I look at the silhouettes. In this way, you can save your time and energy for the long journey of thrift-store shopping. If you are looking for something black—well, good luck because you have to feel the texture and check the silhouette of every single piece. I’ve basically given up on thrifting for black pieces because of this.

Look 3

New York Hat Co. hat
Vintage sweater
Vintage shirt
Uniqlo skirt
Vintage pants
Y-3 boots

When you are shopping, do you just buy the individual pieces you love or do you buy things you know will fit into your wardrobe?

I often buy things that I think will fit into my wardrobe, but sometimes I do buy something completely new, hoping I can make it work. It sometimes works, but other times it is a disaster. I can do this only because it is a thrift piece—I spend 10 dollars and experiment with a new style. If it doesn’t work, I put it in the closet and pull it out next year and try it again.

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