C.E Cotton Zip Jacket

C.E releases a subtle jacket design from it’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. A take on the classic British Harrington jacket, the jacket is adorned with branded embroidery and the standard rubber C.E stamp on the arm. A nice little beige addition for chilly nights and windy days. Scoop it over at Goodhood.

C.E SS16 Video

C.E SS 2016 from c.e on Vimeo. C.E brings new light to it’s spring/summer 2016 collection with an eye-catching video shot using 4k drone footage. The clip is voyeuristic in nature and pieces together aerial shots and surveillance type camera work. The soundtrack sounds like it’s straight out of a black mirror episode and the … Read more

The Grailed 100 Launch

One of the most prominent marketplaces for men’s clothing Grailed has been making big moves of late. They launched an app earlier this month and today they launched a¬†the Grailed 100. The Grailed 100 is a curated selection of ¬†diverse clothing, shoes and accessories from some of the most sought after labels today. Everything from … Read more

Bryan Lee (Originalprogram) of the Acronymjutsu Instagram

Bryan Lee (@originalprogram)

Great brands are able to build more than just a following , they inspire whole communities of supporters. Acronym¬†is one brand that has made a mark not just within the techwear sphere but on¬†a¬†dedicated community of collectors¬†and enthusiasts around the world. While it’s price point and exclusivity keep Acronym from really being on the radar in mainstream men’s fashion, fans of the brand can find imagery of gear, fits and even choose to trade, buy and sell the brand through forums , marketplaces like grailed or on private social media groups.

One outlet that has taken off in terms of showcasing the brand through the eyes and lenses of it’s biggest fans is the Acronymjutsu Instagram account. ¬†The instagram account curates¬†images from users around the world that use or wear Acronym. The account serves as both a home base for fans of the brand to keep in touch and communicate but also as a source of inspiration for those looking to buy or style the label in their own way. I spoke with Bryan Lee (@originalprogram) who started the Acronymjutsu account on how it came to be and his long history as a collector of all things Acronym.

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Acronymjutsu Instagram account

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Interview with C.E’s Toby Feltwell

Toby Feltwell is no stranger to the streetwear industry. He’s been in Nigo’s inner circle helping guide A Bathing Ape’s international expansion during¬†it’s heydey. He was also a key player in helping Pharrell launch BBC/Ice Cream and prior to that was an influential A&R at XL Recordings. He is currently in the braintrust at¬†C.E. Amuse … Read more

Honeyee C.E FW14 Editorial

Japanese web magazine Honeyee put together a little editorial featuring pieces from C.E’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The site recently began it’s own webstore ‘Just like Honeyee‘ which stocks a mix of brands from Undercover to Uniform Experiment and Jam Home Made.

The editorial shows off the heavy graphical elements found in the recent collection and runs the gamut from pants to hoodies , jackets and accessories. More after the jump. If you’re looking to cop C.E you¬†can pickup some of the pieces internationally through Oki-Ni.

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C.E FW14 Editorial – GRIND Magazine

C.E has been steadily pushing out deliveries of it’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection to it’s worldwide stockists as well it’s its own online shop. The September 2014 issue of GRIND Magazine features an extensive editorial featuring key pieces from the collection with styling by Yohei Usami and photography by Mitsuo Okamoto.¬†My favorite item that I hadn’t seen before from the season was the camel Sherling with the Icon Pullover jacket coming a close second. In case you missed it, C.E also put out a trippy stop-motion video for the collection which you can view below.

C.E AW 2014 from c.e on Vimeo.

See all the entire editorial after the jump

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Editorial – Summer 2014 T-Shirt Roundup

Each summer it’s a must that I pick up some new t-shirts. I styled this editorial with some of recent favorites with¬†frequent Third Looks photo collaborator Rebekah Seok. Check after the jump for my selects with items from Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, C.E and more.

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