Middleman Editorial ‘Oscar Weekend’


As the online demand for archival designer clothing continues to grow, new shops are opening to meet the demand. One new retailer in the space is called Middleman. The online store is owned and founded by Kyle J.S. Muhlfriedel and Clif Shayne and based between Los Angeles and Nashville. The site will offer a mix of consignment items as well as carefully selected rare items which release every Friday. As part of the initial push Middleman has released this editorial entitled ‘Oscar Weekend’ which highlights some of the items that will be available for sale. The editorial is photographed against the backdrop of a classic old school Hollywood Motel.

With a focus on Japanese and European designer fashion, key archival pieces from Undercover, Dior Homme, Helmut lang, Raf Simons, Martin Margiela and Rick Owens will be among the items scheduled for release this Friday on Grailed. Take a look at the full editorial below to get a better idea of the initial selection and follow Middleman on Instagram for more updates.

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The Grailed 100 is Back

Grailed has become the de-facto marketplace to buy and sell men’s designer fashion online. The site has filled a gap in the market allowing a worldwide community to discover rare designer pieces. The site started selling clothes directly last year with the launch of the Grailed 100. Since then Grailed has continued to offer up … Read more

The Grailed 100 Launch

One of the most prominent marketplaces for men’s clothing Grailed has been making big moves of late. They launched an app earlier this month and today they launched a¬†the Grailed 100. The Grailed 100 is a curated selection of ¬†diverse clothing, shoes and accessories from some of the most sought after labels today. Everything from … Read more

Interview with Grailed Founder Arun Gupta

image from Grailed Instagram feed

Grailed has become one of the best websites to buy sought-after¬†menswear online.¬†¬†While heads still scour eBay, Japanese auction sites and¬†online message boards to find ‘grail’¬†designer items, Grailed¬†has made the process easier to navigate for many. The site adds over 20,000 new listings each month featuring everything from street wear staples by NSW¬†and Supreme to hard to find designer brands like Yohji Yamamoto and Saint Laurent.¬†¬†I spoke with the site’s founder Arun Gupta about the progress of the site, it’s future and what the community of Grailed has come to represent.

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