Interview with C.E’s Toby Feltwell

Toby Feltwell is no stranger to the streetwear industry. He’s been in Nigo’s inner circle helping guide A Bathing Ape’s international expansion during it’s heydey. He was also a key player in helping Pharrell launch BBC/Ice Cream and prior to that was an influential A&R at XL Recordings. He is currently in the braintrust at C.E. Amuse caught up with Toby to gain insight into his career’s past and also speak about his experiences working with Cav Empt.

What exactly is your role within Cav Empt – is it similar to how you were working with BBC?

Well, here and Sk8thing are sort of the co-owners and co-bosses of the company. Hishi and I are the design team, and it sort of splits down quite conveniently in that Sk8thing does 100 percent of the graphics. Hishi’s background is in production, and I’ve got no concrete skills whatsoever – so I’m just a concept person. We all sort of overlap in a lot of different areas but we also have our specifically sort of reserved area, that only each of us can do. So that works very nicely.

You can the entire interview HERE.