Baohaus 2013 Yearbook

Baohaus Summer 2013

I ¬†remember the first time I ate at Baohaus. I was with a couple friends near the OG Rivington Street¬†¬†location and we were all starving. ¬†We ordered a variety of baos between us and enjoyed them as Tribe Called Quest played through the speakers and a tightly contested NCAA Basketball game flashed on the TV. At that point I didn’t know much about the restaurant or the staff working there.

Fast forward a couple of years ¬†and ¬†Baohaus ¬†is now in their current spot at¬†238 E. 14th Street. I’ve become friends with the owners Evan and Eddie Huang. Baohaus goes beyond just being an establishment that serves delicious Taiwanese food; it’s special because it’s a natural meeting place for friends to gather. It’s the type of place that you catch up with the homies at over hot food and a solid rap soundtrack. I snapped some photos of the staff at Baohaus and asked them to share some of their favorite work experiences as well as their preferences in music, baos and sneakers. Get to know some of the faces at Baohaus that make it one of the most fun places to eat in Manhattan. Click through for the feature.

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Style Profile: Rachel

I’d like to share the story of how I met Rachel. It was actually on the street months ago when I asked to take this¬†streetstyle pic¬†of her. Turns out that photo was a good indicator of her personal style and how she expresses herself through her clothing. Rachel takes alot of vintage pieces and basics and works them into an outfits that are greater than the sum of their parts. Photographing this style profile was a good reminder for me that it’s not just the individual pieces you wear but how you coordinate them that makes the difference.

How has living in New York influenced your style?

New York City has given me the balls to dress genuinely. When I was a kid, I would prance around my parent’s house in get-ups I’d never dream of wearing in public. But this city is incredibly magical and filled with such brilliant, passionate people and being here makes me feel brave, in style and in life.

How did you build up your current wardrobe to where it is? 

I have to say, I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. It takes forever and trying on clothes is exhausting. I prefer to take long strolls through the city, maybe do some gallery hopping and then let pieces come to me. If I don’t set out to shop, I end up browsing anyway and find great things.

 You mix in alot of vintage items , what makes a vintage item worth picking up for you?

If it makes my heart race, I’ll buy it.

You told me you about your love of hats, how did that develop?

Growing up, I stalked Bill Cunningham’s photos and lived vicariously through them. Over time, I noticed how beautiful women looked when they were wearing hats and I wanted to be like them. Now, it’s part of me. If an ensemble were a cake, the hat would be the cherry. And for some reason, baseball caps make me feel extraordinarily sexy, so I like that.

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