Baohaus 2013 Yearbook

Baohaus Summer 2013

I ¬†remember the first time I ate at Baohaus. I was with a couple friends near the OG Rivington Street¬†¬†location and we were all starving. ¬†We ordered a variety of baos between us and enjoyed them as Tribe Called Quest played through the speakers and a tightly contested NCAA Basketball game flashed on the TV. At that point I didn’t know much about the restaurant or the staff working there.

Fast forward a couple of years ¬†and ¬†Baohaus ¬†is now in their current spot at¬†238 E. 14th Street. I’ve become friends with the owners Evan and Eddie Huang. Baohaus goes beyond just being an establishment that serves delicious Taiwanese food; it’s special because it’s a natural meeting place for friends to gather. It’s the type of place that you catch up with the homies at over hot food and a solid rap soundtrack. I snapped some photos of the staff at Baohaus and asked them to share some of their favorite work experiences as well as their preferences in music, baos and sneakers. Get to know some of the faces at Baohaus that make it one of the most fun places to eat in Manhattan. Click through for the feature.

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