6 Questions with Shaun Samson

Shaun Samson

Shaun Samson may not yet be a household name but the London based designer has been making a lot of noise with collections that feature everything from oversized takes on hockey jerseys  to shirts made from Mexican blanket material. You can find his collections at top shops worldwide including Dover Street Market in London, and Opening Ceremony in NYC. I had a quick conversation with the MA grad from Central Saint Martins when he was in town for London Showrooms.

What foods do you like to eat in the different cities you frequent?

In London, any sort of ethnic food is fantastic. Indian, chinese and vietnamese food is all really great there. In LA of course Mexican food is the best there, and I have a few regular sushi spots as well.

What are your fashion pet peeves?

I don’t have any really. The one thing I wish was that people didn’t feel so compelled to follow the rules of fashion so much. Things like wearing sandals with socks etc. I think guys should feel free to experiment and not be so bound by strict rules of dressing. It’d be great to see more guys take risks.

What materials do you like to work with?

I like all types of materials. It just depends on what fabric best suits a certain piece. For my graduation collection I had some wool t-shirts that look great but probably weren’t the most comfortable for summer days. Since then I’ve decided that a t-shirt should be something you just throw on and I try to pick fabrics that not only feel great but are easy to wear and functional.


A look from Shaun Samson FW13

What music do you like to listen to while designing?

I like to listen to all types of music when I’m in the studio. I like to mix up rap, rock, and other genres. One thing I do play when I’m working late and everyone else is out of the office is 90’s r’n’b. R.Kelly, bump and grind type stuff. That’s something I always go back to and love hearing while I’m working late on collections.

Are you a film buff, what have you seen lately that you enjoyed?

I just watched the Marina Abrovich documentary and really enjoyed that. It was definitely a fascinating watch. Honestly I’m so really busy so I don’t often get to invest two hours in a movie but I do always enjoy watching documentaries because I feel like I can learn something from them. I am trying to keep up to date with Game of Thrones as well.

Where do you see the men’s market going?

I have no idea, but that’s what’s so good about it. You do notice that somethings happening, but you have to see where it goes. The moment you label something is when it dies.

Photos by Rocky Li