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While copping gear is one of my favorite things to do, there’s nothing like witnessing a fantastic DJ set accompanied by powerful visuals and a worthy soundsystem.  In that regard, the DWMS series has always stood tall as a highlight in New York City’s underground music scene.

Veteran UK Funky/Grime don Champion (Formula/Hyperdub), by way of London, will make his long-awaited appearance in NYC a reality.  Rap upstarts Gorgeous Children (VASE/PTP) also return to the city for their second-ever live show here – 1/2 of GC, Gila Monsta, will also play a DJ set.  R3LL (Brick Bandits) will cover any thirst for Jersey Club, while Joey Labeija (House of LaBeija) and False Witness (Lit City Trax) will kill with their patented dancefloor mutations in rare B2B fashion.



Third Looks is giving you a chance to get in for FREE:

1. Cop a DWMS shirt (white / black) from the PTP Garment District

2. Type “DWMS6” in the Notes section of the Paypal check-out

You will be put on a special list for Friday.

Come through and mob heavy with some of New York’s finest.”



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Gorgeous Children drop this new jazz-infused bass laden banger. The cover art for the single is some of the best I’ve seen this year and the song is definitely champagne quality. Face Vega shouts out everything from James Worthy to the Playa’s ball but most importantly re-iterates the lesson ‘Never snitch to anyone’s mom. Gila Monsta does the damn thing on the beat.

Take a listen for yourself below.

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Director: Max Gardner
Camera: Noah Emrich
Creative Producer: Ruthie Levy
Assistant Director: Alex Knapp
Lighting Tech: Cameron McLeod
Model: Suzie Screw

GORGEOUS CHILDREN are: FACE VEGA and GILA MONSTA. Together they make atmospheric rap that conjure up mental images of backalley fashion shows and workplace substance abuse. I snapped the above photos on set for their first music video GRASSNLEAN DREAMS, a double-cupped affair that uses more fake blood than a B-Movie and has more jawnz than most ‘WSHH’ startups.

You can stream or download their new full-length release “Heaven to a Fool” via PurpleTapePedigree.  Describing music through words is not my forte, so I’ll quote what the homie Geng-Grizzly says about it.

“Have you ever seen the religious hallucination scene in Altered States with the fast clouds and the kaleidoscopic eye goat and the seemingly forced-upon sex atop stone podium to the circle of swelling brass lungs? This is the audio version of that, but just on mind benders.Face Vega plays the sadistic bandit running around with curved blade in-hand, opening beastly throats by which to fill his arsenal of double cups. He sits in his lucid kingdom with one hand outstretched to charred tokens of deism, the other palming the pink’ish wig-mess of an unclothed, female Fashion Institute drop-out as she gingerly cleans a set of rose gold fronts. Gila Monsta posts in front with long shirttails, but instead of a frightening set of blaring horns, he applies math and science to marrying off distortion and nougatine slabs of bass. The end result, after 12 ultra-vivid scenes, is a feeling of beyond truth (something like reading an entire Dr. Bronner’s label). Floatation tank rap.”

Photos by Rocky Li


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