Nike Gyakusou FW 2012

Nike Gyakusou Fall/Winter 2012
by Rocky Li

Undercover Labs and Nike are at it again , delivering another strong Gyakusou Fall/Winter collection. Jun Takahashi never disappoints with Gyakusou and this collection is no exception. The fifth iteration of the running line brings more complete looks for both men and women with a lineup of technical outerwear, thermals, running tights and sneakers. What I enjoy about Gyakusou is that it is clothing designed from the ground up to be practical, affordable and beautiful. Jun is able to seamlessly blend the UC design philosophy with Nike Running products, adding the taste level and intangibles that regular running clothes lack.

The above campaign images highlight running in an aspirational light. While most runners are training in drab city streets or worn out tracks , Jun always creative direct these shoots to places that most of us can only dream of seeing in person. The exotic natural backdrops compliment the tech pieces extremely well. Gyakusou continues to succeed both critically and commercially because it is clothing built with a purpose. Running is one of Jun Takahashi’s passions and Nike Running is the best doing it right now. Many designer collaborations with fast fashion retailers are thinly veiled cash and publicity grabs; redundant in the marketplace before they are even produced. Currently there is a desperation in fashion for big box stores flush with cash to collaborate with relevant smaller labels. It is important that we as consumers support the projects that are truly spirited and ignore those which are PR-stream fodder.

I will be sharing some pieces from my personal Nike Gyakusou collection in very near future. Stay tuned to our twitter feed to keep up to date on the latest.

Images via Fashionsnap