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Blazer : Zara
Jumpsuit : Surface 2 Air
Shoes : Surface 2 Air
Accessories : Surface 2 Air and Maison Martin Margiela

If you like Barbie’s style be sure to check out her tumblr.

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Photos by Rocky Li

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Jules Kim is the brainchild and sole designer behind Bijules; a New York based jewelery line that has steadily made waves since its inception over eight years ago. Her creations have graced the fingers, hands and necks of stylish individuals the world over including Rihanna and Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Jules’ fierce sense of individualism is reflected not just in her personal style but in every piece she creates.

Jules’ latest venture is the Bijulesterie which is her unmistakable approach to retail. Hidden on the Bowery underneath the multi-label shop EVA; I went down the candle-lit stairs to experience something vastly different than any jewelery shop I had been in before. The space was cozy and intimate but the focal point was definitely the aquarium displayed filled with an assortment of Bijules product. Jules explained to me that her store is by appointment only so that each perspective buyer can be given individual attention and a proper introduction to the Bijules universe.

I found myself learning much about the jewelry making process as Jules walked me through the different Bijules collections ; each of which had it’s own unique character and story. Jules has a deep respect for the heritage of jewelery making but she has never been afraid to put her own twist on the age-old craft. Below are some images of the products she showed to me.

Handlet and phalange cocktail rings 2

Le grimpeur and the handlet

Bijulesterie aquarium display

You can book an appointment at the Bijulesterie HERE.

To learn a hear more from Jules read this interview I did with her on the Six Scents Archives HERE.

Writing and Photography by Rocky Li

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Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Hiking Sneakers/Trainers.

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Hat : Sandro
Sunglasses : MP-2 Shades
Jacket : Junya Watanabe SS03
Top : James Perse T-shirt
Pants : Engineered Garments Cinch-Back Geometric Dobby Trousers
Backpack : Fjallraven Kanken
Shoes : Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoe


I first met Kata Greaney and Sandra Pelikan last year when they approached me at Six Scents and introduced me to their concept for A8 New York : A marketplace for unique mens’ accessories, beauty products and gifts that would reflect the hustle and bustle of New York City. Kata and Sandra were gracious enough to invite me over today to their studio in Soho and take the time to answer questions about their new venture.

How did the two of you meet?

We met at a casting and clicked instantly so made plans on the spot to meet for a coffee at Saturday’s and the rest is history.

You sell everything from headphones to fragrance to skateboards on your website. How did you curate such a wide range of product?

We work closely with all our brands, although not all products are from the US the brands and products we carry are chosen because they reflect a certain aesthetic that we feel is reflective of New York; items that a New York Gentleman would wear/use. Every item and every brand we hand pick is unique, each product has a handmade quality and a story behind the making of it.

It seems guys are becoming more concerned with grooming and fashion in general where do you see things heading in the future?

As women we are VERY PLEASED to see men spending more time on their appearance, grooming in particular and there are many new cosmetic brands tailored just for men. We are not sure how we would like to see this develop in the future. Right now it’s perfect, I mean we don’t want men walking around smelling and looking like women, men still need to be dirty sometimes.

When it comes to first impressions what makes a guy stand out from the rest?

Attention to detail! Finer details like grooming and accessorizing but in a clean modern masculine way. Men are wearing jewelry and accessories more now when we love to see, it’s just about choosing the right understated pieces.

Kata Greaney next to a prized possession of hers. A photograph taken by her late dear  friend Craig Owen shot on new years eve year 2000 in Auckland, New Zealand

How did your experience as models influence A8 New York?

Well between us we have a combined 25 years experience surrounded by talented creative fashion experts, it certainly rubs off and has come in very handy especially when we scout for brands to feature on the site. It’s an industry that we know inside out so there were no surprises. Modeling is like a back stage pass to a concert, you see everything the good and the bad so it prepares you for any kind of work in the fashion business and we have grown a thick skin.

What is it about New York that continues to inspire you?

Kata : For me it is all about the architecture, the streets, the bridges, the landscape and noise.. New York inspires me everyday and is a big part of A8.

Sandra : New York city is so diverse in culture and I take particular inspiration from the people, their style , the neighborhoods and the ever changing movement and energy in the city.

We both agree that New York has a special energy unlike any other place and that drives you to pursue and chase your dreams. New York reminds us every day what we are here for.

What makes A8 New York different from other mens online sites ?

We wanted to create an online shopping experience that focuses on the beauty of each product, without distracting clutter and over crowded shopping pages. By categorizing each product by it’s core material we can display items together on a page that complement each other, where on standard shopping sites they would rarely be seen together. We feel the exposure and focus on the raw material of products gives the site a masculine appeal.

We wanted to create a site where shopping wasn’t the focus as much as the experience of browsing beautiful products; almost like flicking through an architectural design magazine or wandering through an exhibition at an art gallery.

Sandra Pelikan

Photography and questions by Rocky Li

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Aloha Rag is having a sample sale tomorrow and Saturday. As one of the better shops in New York expect to find both mens and womens items marked down to 80% off. Expect to start seeing sample sale updates on the regular here.


If you’re looking for an event tonight  Anonymous Gallery will be screening of the new Banksy film : The Antics Roadshow and hosting a reception/after-party  at W.I.P.

Music will be provided by Jaleel Bunton from TV on the Radio so it is sure to be a good time.There may still be time to RSVP to the address above if you would like take part.



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Derek has one of the most insane wardrobes of anyone I know. I have witnessed him acquire items he has searched high and low for; slowly crossing items off his list of coveted grails.  More than just being the biggest Ann Demeulemeester enthusiast I know; Derek seamlessly works in varied brands with an eye for mood, texture and proportion. I visited him recently and photographed some of his all-time favorite pieces and looks.

You can find Derek holding it down at Atelier New York.

This is my interpretation of iconic Ann Demeulemeester. When I don this I feel delightfully anachronistic, romantic, even a little bit rebellious. The rebel prince, I think. The contrast of wool and cotton on top and all leather on the bottom is essential in conveying this. With tailored trousers and a shoe it becomes dull, ethical, stiff. That couldn’t be farther from me.

This look brings forth my obsession with America, with rock n roll. I think of the beats, of open sky and endless road. I feel and externalize the death of old America, its evils, its mysticism, its hope. The Frontierman. Yeah, that’s him there, searching for new hopes in faint ideas.

This is the other half of Ann: the nonchalant, even lazy, street rat. This is poete maudite, dreaming and believing.

This jacket is oldish, but reeks of the future. It’s completely twisted and lopsided, and sparkles in the light. I miss this lux street attitude in Ann’s design.

“As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.” – Clarence Darrow


I think it sings a seminal Ann jacket tune – trans-seasonal nubby cotton/metal textile, quiet asymmetric cut, peak lapel with hidden buttons. The metal cleverly holds wrinkles nicely, and it’s taken on serious character since I received it. Karlo Steel gave me this jacket as a gift from his personal wardrobe, “I think there’s something vampiric about it.”


From the masterpiece FW08 My Own Private Portland collection. I never knew this jacket existed in black until last winter, as each one I handled was caramel leather with chocolate topstitching. So when I found this I bought it instantly. It’s design and cut feel made for me. The thick, matte cow leather has an ineffable patina. If the world fell into anarchy, i’d grab this and run.


If you’re going to have only one Ann waistcoat, this is the obvious choice. A slightly elongated take on a traditional waistcoat with signature double straps at the back. This particular one is made in a shadowstripe cotton. I like to wear it in the summer without anything underneath.

No one makes a t-shirt like Rick Owens, by now everyone should consider any t-shirt against his as the standard for comparison. I prefer them in uberdelicate sheer cotton and long long long. The more holes, the better.

I’ve shredded these over and over again, but will never get rid of them. I’ll keep patching them up until they completely fall apart, and then i’ll mount them on my wall forever after. I’ve yet to use the suspender loops, though.

Unbelievably delicious fabric, terribly thin, new holes showing up almost every time I wear it. I got this one at Atelier. It’s still my favorite Ann top in my closet: the floppy collar, dropped shoulder, and long sleeves strike the perfect lazy elegance balance.

This is a recent acquisition, but something i’ve lusted over unabashedly for five years, unable to procure one until just a few weeks ago. It’s masterfully pre-twisted design and contrasting interior color trump all other double-layer pieces i’ve handled. Another vital representation of Ann’s sloppy punk-poet muse.

I wear these every single day; this is the extent of my finger jewelry. They are simple, masculine, and timeless.

A completely anachronistic shape, and almost non-functional for an everyday runaround. Perfect for a book, a notebook, and a pen.

My first and only Ann cap. I get offers for this on the street, but it’ll be buried with me.

Call me Amish, call me Hasidic, it’s all good. And oh so warm.

My one and only. It’s very long and dangles like a tail from my hip.


These are obnoxious, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve dropped them a hundred times.

My first and only pair of her trainers. They had some buckles for the shaft but I took them off after a week or two. The wide eyelets and double zippers are paramount to both style and function.

One thing i’ll never, ever understand is how people keep their shoes looking new. I got these over 4 years ago and I think I wore them for almost two straight years when I first got them. They’re still the best made and most comfortable shoes i’ve ever owned. They still feel as good as the day I bought them every time I wear them. The patina is perfect: rugged and lush, bruised, irreplicable.

Photography by Rocky Li


I’m happy to introduce Otomayim B Dipper to you today. My friend Ryo Miyamoto has been living in New York and capturing fantastic streetstyle for over a year now. Below I have posted selected some my favorite looks from this past summer that he photographed. Ryo has a terrific eye for well-dressed indviduals whose personal style reflects their interests and personalities.

Kayuet – Graphic Designer

This is black on black done right. Black can be tricky in summer but this look is tastefully done. A great casual and comfortable silhouette topped off with great choices in accessories. The Margiela boots simply elevate the essemble to neckbreak status.

Abdul – Nepenthes NYC

I don’t think these are clothes that would appeal to me on the rack or to purchase for myself but I do really respect the way Abdul is able to pull this look off casually. He definetly has a clearly defined aesthetic. The color palette just works and I think that Abdul really knows how to convey his sense of style through his clothes choices as well as

Jonathan – Fashion Assistant for for L’Uomo Vogue

This outfit is practically all Jil and Raf and I’m okay with that. The bright pop-colors tailored pieces have always been hit or miss / hate it or love it affairs but it looks great here especially paired with the Raf sneakers. Somehow the colors and the sneakers all come together to make these individual pieces look incredibly wearable.

Chantal – Oak

Something about Chantal’s outfit just feels like New York summer. The type of summer we’ll all be misisng soon

I will be working with Ryo to bring more New York streetsyle coverage to you all. Please visit his site

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