Larry Clark’s Stuff at Milk Studios Gallery

Yesterday marked the final day of the¬†exhibition¬†Larry Clark’s Stuff at Milk Studios Gallery curated by Boo Hurray. The space was a bit homage to the life and work of the¬†controversial¬†Clark , best known for his filmmaking (Kids, Bully, Wassup Rockers) and¬†voyeuristic¬†photography. On display were an array of photos, movie posters, streetwear tees and decks by the likes of Fuct, Supreme, Toy Machine.

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Model Files Reunion Episode feat. P’trique

If you haven’t yet checked out Season 1 of Model Files you’ve missed some serious laughs. Everyone likes models and snarky humour (cept maybe Nazis) so definitely watch check out the VFILES YouTube channel with all the episodes. I took some photos at the reunion show set a little while back and you can see … Read more

‘Ben Watt’s Mixtape’ Opening at Milk Studios w/ Alessandra Ambrosio

If you live in New York you will definitely see famous people regularly but its truly rare to see a Victoria Secret Supermodel in the flesh and one of my all time-favorites at that. Ladies and gentlemen, Alessandra Ambrosio was at Milk Studios and so was I. Thank You Based God. Enjoy the eye candy. … Read more

DREAM & DRIVE at Milk Studios. The Kills & Kenneth Cappello

Photos Courtesy of Milk Made Yesterday was the opening reception of “DREAM & DRIVE” at Milk Studios. The photo project and book has been nine years in the making ; the result of an on-going relationship between The Kills and Kenneth Cappello. I attended the Q&A session in the early afternoon and listened to Kenneth … Read more

Behind the Scenes at the Model Files Renuion Special Filming

If you haven’t been following Model Files, you have been missing out. Point your browser to Youtube and watch these hilarious short vignettes that provide a glimpse into the day to day life for models in New York City. The below snaps are were taken at Milk Studios on the set of the upcoming Model … Read more