johnUndercover FW13 Editorial in Men’s Non-No

Men’s Non-No puts out this clean visually appealing editorial for the latest Men’s Non-No using johnUndercover FW13. The two models (one guy, one girl) wear selects pieces from the season with the fishtail parka definitely being the standout item for me. johnUndercover is the new diffusion line by Jun Takahashi that minimizes some of the … Read more

Undercover SS13 Non-No Editorial

We covered the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook earlier this year, but this Men’s Non-No editorial really nails the feeling of the collection ¬†.Set against a¬†psychedelic¬†forest back-drop , the looks here really capture the eclectic ¬†mix of slouchy tailored pieces, streetwear and mountaineering inspired¬†outerwear;¬† all laced with that familar Jun Takahashi punk edge. The second look in … Read more