Today marks the launch of a new feature on Third Looks called ‘LOOKS/LIES’. The concept came as a result of various discussions¬†between my friend Jayne Lies and I. ¬†We’ve teamed up on some¬†projects in the past including the Verticals music video for Celestial Trax and we always found the experience rewarding and eye-opening. We¬†decided to launch this feature together as a means of preserving¬†a moment in time¬†(through photographic snapshots) in a quick and¬†fun interview format. This ongoing series will serve as a platform through which we can document each subject’s¬†style , aura thoughts and experiences within our local communities and beyond.

To launch the feature, Lies took a few photos of myself as I had been looking for a way to share my personal style is at currently. Through the word association style ¬†interview questions that she put together, you should also get to know where i’ve been and where my head is at now.

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