Today marks the launch of a new feature on Third Looks called ‘LOOKS/LIES’. The concept came as a result of various discussions¬†between my friend Jayne Lies and I. ¬†We’ve teamed up on some¬†projects in the past including the Verticals music video for Celestial Trax and we always found the experience rewarding and eye-opening. We¬†decided to launch this feature together as a means of preserving¬†a moment in time¬†(through photographic snapshots) in a quick and¬†fun interview format. This ongoing series will serve as a platform through which we can document each subject’s¬†style , aura thoughts and experiences within our local communities and beyond.

To launch the feature, Lies took a few photos of myself as I had been looking for a way to share my personal style is at currently. Through the word association style ¬†interview questions that she put together, you should also get to know where i’ve been and where my head is at now.

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Mood Right Now

Thoughtful, caffeinated.

First memory

Looking up and seeing the city of Shanghai go by overhead from the basket of my mom’s bike.

Recent Epiphany

Only you have lived your exact life. The experiences and people you will meet in the future are determined by your everyday actions and outlook.


Pure Magic Is

Honing in on a vision of the world that you have in your head and watching it manifest in reality.

Guilty Pleasure

Fast food mainly – burgers, Popeye’s, chain restaurant pizza. Basically anything that’s delicious and terrible for you. Great Poutine is Everything.

Most Prized Possession

On a practical level it’s my Macbook. Even though I’m on a phone all the time, there’s still so much more you can get done on a computer. On a more emotional level, I really love my Contax T2 camera. The viewfinder on it is so perfect and I love how I can tell that at the time of it’s release , the technology was really quite advanced. I really enjoy the products that came at the end of the analog era. They generally have very well-considered designs and a feeling of permanence that modern technology lacks. Almost like vintage items vs fast fashion.

Dream Destination

Tokyo, it pains me that i have never been.

Favorite hangout

New York rooftop or stoop in the summertime.

Lover Prototype

Muse and confidant. I think it’s important to be with someone who both inspires and looks out for you and for do the same for them.¬†¬†Admittedly I’m a sucker for ¬†a girl with¬†a pretty smile and a cute laugh.

Worst Behavior

It’s really difficult to get me to carry on a conversation in the club. I get really ADD and there’s a good chance that the conversation will end quickly and awkwardly. There’s been a few times where I’ve been faded and walked away from a conversation without barely a word.

Alter Ego


Mission in Life

I’m still figuring this out. I’m more in favor of chasing great memories and experiences than success in the traditional sense. I feel that it’s very important¬†to stay true to myself and put out into the world what’s missing from it. I think we’re doing the world a collective disservice when we put into the world what we think others want instead of what we really want to create. There’s alot out there that’s the equivalent of Ikea furniture. It looks ok from far but there’s really nothing to it. The counterpoint to that is to see through things a bit more and find the real gems and support that to the fullest.

Now Playing

On my phone it’s mainly just Future – 56 Nights and Cash Out – Kitchens & Choppas at the moment.

Plot Twist

I remember what it was like being an immigrant and having to learn English. Advanced through those E.S.L (English as a Second Language) classes real quick, watching cartoons (especially Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles) helped alot.

Style Goals

If Wong Kar Wai directed a rap video.

Life Hacks

Keep a conversation and connection with who you were growing up. That childlike mind is the source of most of our creativity and dreams.

Also eat good chinese food often, it really brings people together like no other.

Go to places where you can hear amazing music loudly (Out to Palisades).

Parting Words
Respect to the city Toronto for raising me and much love to all my friends and family there.

I just want to take a moment to encourage everyone who’s trying to create something of their own. I’m lucky to have be friends with people who inspire me with their creativity and effort. Whatever your lane is, learn to trust the process and keep having fun with it. Trust me when I say it’s better than the alternative. People use the word struggle to disparage, but if you can’t accept the struggle than you don’t deserve the rewards.

All photos by Jayne Lies