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If you visit this site reguarly Note and Geng Grizzly are familar faces by now. They’ve both had style profile features here in the past and I recently reviewed some beers with them in the recent Craft Beer Goons joint. Between the events, new releases through Purple Tape Pedigree and their weekly radio show Fresh Out the Box it’s safe to say the homies got alot on their plate.

Later this week I’ll be dropping an official Third Looks mix by Geng Grizzly. Come celebrate it’s release this Saturday July 13 at DWMS2 where I will be hosting alongside some musical heavy  hitters. There will be performances by Young Gleesh, Grande Marshall and DJ Sets by Geng, Mista Whoa, Tommy Kruise and Farrington G. This is one you will NOT want to miss. All the details on the event can be found HERE

To shed a little more light on both prolific members of PTP , I sat down with the homies and interviewed them on some key topics including  personal style, favorite film and their current taste in music. 

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Cities Aviv

James Goodmane

In the YouTube age radio is a medium that is often overlooked (no pun intended). From a personal standpoint I’ve had a love of radio since childhood. It was where I’d hear new music, interviews with my favorite artists and what I’d blast driving around town. There’s an artistry and personality that comes through radio that is timeless.

I was invited by the homies Geng-Grizzly and Note D to the BBOX Radio booth for their last episode of Fresh Out the Box. It was a great experience chopping it up on live radio with them and hearing new rap tunes that fall outside the usual mainstream suspects. Also notable on the show was the interview with Memphis rapper Cities Aviv and his manager James Goodmane. They are both extremely gracious people and they dropped ample knowledge of the Memphis rap scene.

If you are at all a hip-hop fan Fresh Out the Box is must-hear material. You can download the latest archived episode HERE. You can tune in live on BBOX Radio every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30PM. If you liked this feature I recommend checking out  style profile I did with Note D. Look out for more collaborations with me and the Fresh Out the Box Crew in the next few weeks.


Photos by Rocky Li

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