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Number (N)ine White Leather Rider’s Jacket w/ Fringes

Number (N)ine FW09  ‘A Closed Feeling’ White Fringed Shirt

Number (N)ine Back Paneled Blazer

Number (N)ine Single Monk Shoes and Creeper shoes

Number (N)ine Floral Print & Charles Peterson Print Jazz Shoes

Yesterday I met up with Izzy from The Dandy Project and shot his Style Profile. It always feels like a privilege to have the ability to peek inside the wardrobes of style influencers whom I respect. Izzy owns tons of amazing pieces which you will be seeing in the very near future but today I chose to focus on his small but impressive collection of pieces from the defunct Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita. As Takahiro continues to make strides in new directions with The Soloist it is always great to look back on his body of work and reflect on the varied styles he’s created.

If you know anyone who you feel deserves to have their style profiled on Third Looks please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter or E-Mail.

Photography by Rocky Li


Coveted is a regular feature where I introduce rare pieces that I own or come across.

This Undercover/Undercoverism unisex leather bag has a design inspired by “Perfecto” style leather rider jackets. It comes in a fantastic buttery calf-leather and is lined with maroon corduroy and cupro. A rare accessory from the FW08 collection ‘Unreal Real Clothes’. This particular bag originally came in brown leather but was professionally re-colored black.