Purple Tape Pedigree ‘Bad for Education’ Lookbook by Third Looks

I‚Äôm proud to present the lookbook for the debut collection from New York based label Purple Tape Pedigree. The 5-piece capsule ‚ÄėGood For Health‚Äô collection includes 2 jerseys, 2 long-sleeve t-shirts, and a collaborative PTP x Third Looks ‚ÄėPill‚Äô coach’s jacket. The lookbook was creative directed by yours truly and we assembled a diverse group of friends and colleagues to represent the collection. No stylists were necessary as each person worked the pieces into their own personal style.

Inspiration for the collection includes Hong Kong cinema,¬†Japanese anime¬†from the 80’s, 20th century Brazilian surrealist art, post-2000 A.D. cyberpunks, and the onset of big city paranoia. The gear is available now on the PTP Garment District. New York heads will be able to see the gear in person at a special pop-up event and release party on May 31st (More details to be released shortly).


Modeled by Preston Chaunsumlit¬†(VFILES/star of¬†Model Files),¬†Jacques Greene¬†(of the LuckyMe collective),¬†Jimmy Jimeno¬†(arguably Opening Ceremony’s most familiar of faces),¬†Eri Wakiyama¬†(Commes des Garcon girl and visual artist),¬†Victoria Elle¬†(muse extraordinaire), plus¬†GENG¬†and¬†Note¬†(both of Purple Tape Pedigree/Fresh Out The BoxRadio).

Creative Direction and Photography by Rocky Li