Coveted – Julius _7 Cardigan

Japanese label Julius has been one of the originators in the gothninja look for some time. Their signature are their razor thin distressed leather jackets styled in a fashion that strikes between industrial and rock n roll. While the look has now been diffused down to countless new labels and store shelves, Julius remains one of the best doing it if you like your clothes dark ,drapey and raw. This coveted write-up comes via contributor Zachary Leachman who is an Illinois based artist and musician. See the rest of the write-up and more photos after the jump.

I bought this Julius_7 piece second hand from someone on Superfuture, it’s from the AW12 Resonance collection. It was a really great find for me. I’ve always liked elongated shapes, the black is stark and deep, a perfect piece for layering or warding off a chill. The fabric is mostly rayon, and though I usually prefer natural cellulose fibers, manufactured cellulose fibers are great for strong fabrics with some natural gravity.

The details on this piece are part of what makes it perfect for everyday wear. The elongated silhouette becomes shorter in the back, which keeps it from getting in the way in a lot of situations. The belt keeps the front panel in place, but it still sits relaxed, blowing in the wind or drifting to the side to reveal what you have on underneath. Open, the piece creates a billowy set of tailed wings at the sides of the wearer.

The neckline is the obvious focal point of this piece, fastening with two hook closures to create a gorgeous ripple down the front of the piece. ¬†I’m always drawn to interesting necklines, traditional shirt collars have never seemed to suit me, so this is often a comfortable replacement for a dress shirt in my wardrobe.

The right panel fastens to the inside of the left, near the neck, then I pull the belt to fasten on the interior, finally the left panel fastens to the outside of the right on the neckline. This routine has become a treasured part of getting myself dressed since I acquired this piece, it can dress up nearly any outfit in a flash. You could equate the silhouette of this piece to a Kimono or even a Sherwani.

The back has an attractive center seam, and the sleeves are elongated, often covering a good portion of my hands, great for days when I feel like hiding away. The underside of the cuffs fasten with two buttons, which is great, because it allows me to roll my sleeves up a little if they’re in the way. The second button is beautifully offset, creating a little wave, for some extra dimension on the sleeves.This is my second Julius_7 piece, and I’m really happy with it. It’s a versatile, comfortable piece that can be layered, or stand alone to create a number of looks.

In the photo I am also wearing Damir Doma (shirt), vintage Stacy Adams (boots), and Xenophora Objects (the chunky ring on my right index finger). Xenophora is an independently owned jewelry company run by designer Karissma Yve, focussed on rustic, elegant pieces inspired by the natural decay and chaotic balance of the universe. She often employs her own alchemy to create original metals for her collections. She is definitely a designer to keep an eye on.

Words by  Zachary Leachman, Follow him on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

Photos by Heather Lockwood