Nomad Interview with Errolson Hugh

The good folks at Nomad Toronto posted up an interview with Errolson Hugh founder of ACRONYM and designer at Stone Island Shadow Project. As a visionary in technical clothing, it’s always worthwhile reading some of the insights that Errolson gives into his design process. Most of the interview focuses on his designs under the Stone Island Shadow Project label. A quote from the interview is below

What has Shadow Project enabled you to do that you haven’t been able to do with Acronym?

Errolson Hugh: Colour. Colour, and all the fabric research. We’ve learned an incredible amount making things in Italy. The way things are made in Italy is unique, I think, to the world. The tradition, the manufacturing culture in Italy is so, so strong, stronger than anywhere else I’ve ever seen it. It’s incredible to meet people who have been in the industry – like, Carlo is eighth-generation textile. And his son, Silvio, will be the next. It’s crazy. People identify themselves with their work here, with manufacturing, with making fabrics, with knitting garments. And, so, when you talk to them about it, and you talk to them on the level of, “I’m really into this and want to try that,” if you’re sparking new ideas, they’re totally excited to try it. They’re not like, “Well, are you gonna order two million?” It’s really a product, craftsmanship-based culture that I hadn’t encountered at that level before. Without which, Stone Island is basically impossible. The suppliers they work with closely, they have a partnership where, in some cases, Stone Island is almost like their research division. There’s an incredible amount of openness between the fabric suppliers, even the yarn manufacturers, or the dyers. That’s something we would never have seen otherwise. And then, of course, designing fabrics is something you just don’t usually get a chance to do. And designing fabrics in the way Stone Island can make them is also its own special thing. Very, very interesting.

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