Style Profile: Lucas Tyson

The best part about the process of posting these style profiles is getting insight into someones style and getting to know them better as a person through that . I’ve known Lucas for some time now as a friend and it was cool to interview him for the site and hear more about how his style developed.

I hear a lot of my taller friends complain that it’s hard for them to find clothes that fit. At 6’7″ Lucas definitely stands out in a crowd but I admire how he was able to mix pieces from a variety of brands to create a personal aesthetic that represents his personality and interests well. I sat down with the homie to discuss where his style has been and where its going.

When did your interest in clothes start? What kind of stuff were you wearing back then?

I have always had an appreciation for clothes, but the turning point for me was the first time I went to the old Recon store on Eldritch Street. I was finally making enough  money to get some decent clothes. I stumbled across the store when the first Stash AF1 was releasing, and I was blown away by the product. The store manager was kind enough to educate me about the brand and the NY streetwear scene in general. This lead to finding out about Retail Mafia brands that were prevalent in the scene at the time. In particular I wore SSUR, Supreme and Alife tees and hoodies, Evisu jeans, Northface jackets, and Nikes.

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Look 1: Engineered Garments duffle coat, Visvim 101 denim jacket, Supreme Pocket T-Shirt, Engineered Garments workaday chino, Nike ID Air Force 1 Hi 

What type of challenges did your height and build  present when it came to adding to your wardrobe?

*Lloyd Banks voice* If you know anything about me, you know I’m a giant. The majority of designers don’t make product that fits me. At first this was limiting but now I realize its a blessing. I don’t have the best self control when it comes to things I want so if everything were available in my size I’d be dead broke. Now I pre-order from certain brands to ensure I get my size, which has forced me take a much more considered approach to buying since my clothing money is already spoken for.

What are some of the things that inspire or inform your sense of style?

Athletes when they get their first big check, gaudy shit, Stefano Pilati, Dondi White, Raekwon, my sister, Calvin and Hobbes, the Smashing Pumpkins, Mike Tyson, The Dark Knight Returns.

What do you try to express about yourself through the way you dress?

“I’m the biggest boss you’ve seen thus far.”

How do you see your style evolving in the future?

My style swings back and forth between understated and obnoxious. Each year I feel like the gap between the two gets smaller. Eventually, I hope to achieve the perfect blend of both.

Look 2 : Visvim PFD jacket, J Crew Indigo deckhand sweatshirt, Thom Browne sweatpants, New Balance 990

You pull from both streetwear and higher end brands like Margiela, how do you mix the two in a way that feels cohesive?

I wish I had a more thought-provoking answer to this, but really I am not so obsessed with the distinction between high fashion and streetwear. I have a very obsessive personality so I used to really overthink things like this. I have realized now the less I think about things in a categorical sense like brands, classifications etc, and more in an aesthetic sense of how they look together, the result is the clothes just blend together naturally.

What are some of the favorite pieces you own? Any grails that are still on your list?

My favorite pieces always have some sentimental value, whether its a hat given to me by my sister or a parka purchased from a friend, or it’s something I hunted for for a long time. I think my favorite item I own is a dopp kit that was given to me on my birthday years ago. It’s made of a beautiful caramel-colored leather and has my monogram on it. The personalization makes it more special to me. The only grail I really have is this navy blue suede Visvim leather jacket, the Elmendorf. I don’t even know if it exists in my size but if I ever find it I’m buying it on sight.

Look 3: Moncler V Vest, Thom Browne sweatshirt, Evisu Deluxe denim, Opening Ceremony x Timberland convenience boot

How has New York impacted your personal sense of style?

I love New York. It is a huge source of inspiration. There is a vibrant native culture that attracts people from all over the world who inject new influences to keep things from becoming stale. New York has also connected me to a network of creative and intelligent people who inspire me and push me to do better all the time. People are quick to idolize past eras in the city and complain that New York is dead. The people who truly love New York understand that this is our time and it is up to us to make it meaningful.

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