Style Profile: Jeremy

I’ve seen Jeremy post his fits in the past in superfuture “What are you wearing today” threads and have appreciated the evolution of his style. When I heard through a mutual friend that he was going to be in New York, I linked up with him to speak a bit about the fashion in Australia and also shoot a this style profile.

Currently Jeremy manages the Sydney outpost of one of the best shops in Australia Assin. They have two locations (one in Sydney and one in Melbourne) and carry top designer labels such as Undercover, Damir Doma, Miharayasuhiro, Ann Demeulemeester. He definitely exemplifies the type of brand mixing and experimentation that I personally recommend to guy’s looking to improve their personal style.

Describe your personal aesthetic and how your style evolved to it’s current point.

I don’t really categorise the way I dress so I guess you could say it’s quite eclectic. I lead a pretty casual lifestyle so I focus on being comfortable. I don’t like to stand out too much but I do like outfits that are unexpected so I mix and match labels, streetwear with designer pieces and try to create simple but interesting silhouettes and shapes. It’s evolved quite slowly, I really was just a jeans and t-shirt guy but started falling in love with some designers and their work and would pick up pieces that really spoke to me. Not always did they tie in with what I had in my wardrobe already so I would seek out complimentary pieces and eventually it all just came together.

Look 1
New Era Fitted Cap
Damir Doma Bomber
Rick Owens DRKSHDW Hoody
Supreme T-shirt
Undercover Trousers
New Balance Sneakers

How has managing a shop and seeing new items come in constantly changed the way you shop for yourself?

At the moment I tend to focus on shopping for statement pieces or something thats really unique. I’m at a point where I’ve got the classics and basics as the foundation of my wardrobe so any amazing shapes and fabrics really draw me in. Working where I do I see incredible pieces everyday so I tend to fall in love easily – my list is huge.

You seem to be quite confident in mixing and matching different brands. What advice do you have for other guys looking to do the same?

I think the best direction is not to stray too far from your comfort zone or jump on trends too much. Find pieces you have a connection with and just work around them. It’s more about considering your lifestyle and overall silhouette then just putting a signature high fashion piece with what you already wear. You see guys with a pretty conservative look, raw denim and button up shirts, but they will throw Rick hi-tops in the mix and everything looks off. If you feel uncomfortable more then likely it’s going to look that way. Get out in the stores and give everything a try. Shopping online is a great way to find new things but nothing beats handling a garment and trying it on – you instantly know if it works for you or not.

Look 2
Undercover Leather
Undercover T-Shirt
Damir Doma Silent T-Shirt
Ann Demeulemeester Sweater
Miharayasuhiro Trousers
Ann Ann Sneakers

What are some of your style inspirations?

To be honest I think I am more inspired by the garments themselves and the hard work the designers put into them but I do draw a lot of inspiration from the Japanese. Japanese street fashion magazines like Tune show some incredible outfits – designer labels, vintage and everything in between. You see some wacky stuff but somehow it looks totally natural on these guys. Even Vogue Homme Japan, puts together some zany stuff. Then it’s about pulling out the practical from the sometimes theatrical and doing your own thing.

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What designers are exciting you the most with their new collections?

Miharayasuhiro is my #1 at the moment. Fashion is at a stage where it’s really hard to find something truly new but Mihara has a real knack of reinventing classics and merging familiar pieces to create something, that to me is absolutely original. His innovation with fabric is also amazing, some of his jacquards are so detailed they look photographic. I think fabric innovation is the next key development for fashion, obviously it’s always going on but designers yearning for newness are going to really explore and push boundaries. Kim Jones did a cashmere bonded neoprene for Louis Vuitton’s summer 2013 collection… i like how ridiculous that is. I also like how a designer obsessed with chavvy English sport-style can be designing menswear for one of the biggest luxury houses in the world. Kim has always been one of my favourites, he is a bit underrated in my opinion.

Look 3
White Mountaineering Beanie
Undercover Parka
Damir Doma T-Shirt
Lumen et Umbra Trousers
New Balance Sneakers

Working in a shop that sells both women’s and men’s designer collections, do you find any differences between the way men and women shop? What do you think customers want more of in the current marketplace?

I was going to say that men tend to shop based on their immediate requirements where women shop based on an emotional attraction to pieces but that’s actually a bit of a generalisation. I think men and women are on the same page with their shopping habits these days. Which is great. I suppose that’s largely due to the increasing supply of amazing menswear and younger guys getting into the scene earlier and earlier. When I was just in New York the most inspiring street style I saw was a group of guys around 16-18 on the subway who were putting together some crazy outfits, draped leathers and skirts with Jordans other bits of streetwear. It was wild but they did it really well. You don’t see that sort of stuff in Sydney.

I think to put it simply customers want the same thing they have always wanted. Quality. A beautifully designed garment that fits well is nothing if the attention to detail isn’t there.

Photos by Rocky Li